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15 Before-And-After Pics Of Celebrities That Prove Men Are Hotter With Beards


Some men grow beards, and some women shave. We are all different, but many of us agree that men with beards are downright sexy. Nowadays, men can even choose over a variety of beard facial hairstyles to wear their beard in a stylish way. As a matter of fact, it has been scientifically proven by the by the Official Journal of the Human Behavior and Evolution Society that men with beards are more attractive to women. BoredPanda has made a wonderful collection of sexy bearded celebrities that will blow your mind!

It’s so hard to resist a beard on a man when you see him both with and without one. When compared, these men look way sexier with a beard. Luckily, some of them seem to like it, too. Having a beard is a real challenge, as men are well-aware of, but some of them decide to wear one even on a hot summer day. Let’s first congratulate them on that.

A little beard never hurt anyone, or did it? Unless you have a newborn to cuddle or your partner gets itchy skin, you are free to rock your beard. Start with little, and go on to have the most stylish one. Other men will also feel jealous.

1. Chris Hemsworth


Source: Getty Images

2. Viggo Mortensen


Source:New Line Cinema

3. Jesse Tyler Ferguson


A couple of hairs can make a huge difference!

Source:Bryan Bedder

4. Sean Bean

Ned Stark is real proof that beards can really transform you!


Source:Richard Blanshard, Home Box Office

5. Kristofer Hivju


6. Orlando Bloom


He looks like a totally new person with a beard on!

7.  David Beckham


Source:Business Wire, Marc Hom

8. Robert Downey Jr


9. Daniel Radcliffe


10. Brad Pitt


Source:shutterstock, Chanel

11. Ryan Gosling


12. Scott Disick

Source:Denise Truscello, Mindy Small

13. Ryan Reynolds

Source: Getty

14. Kit Harington

Source: gettyimages

15. Justin Timberlake


Source: Anthony Harvey

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