15 Hilarious Pics That Prove Makeup Addicts Are Garbage People

15 Hilarious Pics That Prove Makeup Addicts Are Garbage People


Makeup can make you do crazy things. Like spend half your paycheck on eyeshadow or throw a massive tantrum and cancel plans because your eyeliner smudged.

And if you’re guilty of one or more of the following acts collected by Diply, you, too, might be a makeup addict. And frankly, a garbage person. Don’t believe me? Here’s proof.

1. When he asks for a backrub but you start swatching instead

And he just lies there and accepts it. Because this is literally the most love and attention you’ve given him throughout your entire relationship. Sad!

Instagram | @makeupmemes.x

2. When you don’t have a rug so you exploit your cat’s obesity

It’s not like you’ve been feeding Whiskers here the expensive cat food for nothing. Sorry, Whiskers, you have to serve now. Quit meowing and be a good slave!

Instagram | @makeupmemes.x

3. Makeup > Family

It would break your family’s heart if they knew you’d sell their stuff for a limited edition Tom Ford bronzer brush. But they simply haven’t experienced its natural bristle fibers. #Priorities.


4. Want more proof? How about the ridiculous eyebrow trends?

These girls need to have their eyebrows taken away by social services. So that hopefully they’ll find a nice home where they’re treated with respect.

Instagram | @makeupmemes.x

5. All those ruined white t-shirts

You’d never admit it, of course. Not even under oath. I know, I’ve been there, ahem.

Instagram | @makeupmemes.x

6. Zero consideration for other people’s time when you’re in Sephora

I’m sorry, do these people have any idea how difficult it is? I MUST find the perfect foundation shade!

Instagram | @makeupmemes.x

Just get the same shade as last time?

Impossible. That was your summer shade. You need to find your winter shade.


7. Everyone who made #KylieJennerLipChallenge a thing

To be fair, the crime was also the punishment.

Twitter | @sophiesnv

8. People are growing old waiting for you

Your man thinks you’re running late because you’re “baking” something for him. Uh-huh.

Instagram | @makeup_memes

9. You haven’t washed your makeup brushes in 84 years

Nah, a good rub on that eyeshadow/foundation/sparkle-stained washcloth will do the trick. Or on the nearest towel. Or your forearm. Oops – that was the cat.

Mario Badescu

10. The gunk on your eyelash curler goes as far back as middle school

If you took a lab sample of that sludge, you’d probably find traces of your milk teeth.


Twitter | @rozeboomerang

11. You’ve destroyed bathroom sinks more than once

It’s been two decades. No, three decades! And you’ve yet to master the art of squeezing a foundation tube.

Instagram | @evansmarla

12. You spilled glitter years ago, and everything you own is still sparkling

It’s like a shiny curse, and every person or thing you come in contact with is at the mercy of the glittery contagion.

Instagram | @_faespage

13. Even your pets can’t escape your clumsiness

Of course, it’s Meowington’s fault for rolling in the glitter you spilled on the floor (and never properly cleaned up) last week. But that’s okay because he likes looking like a galaxy.

Reddit | BlooperBoo

14. Always trying to give people makeovers

And when they politely decline, you set your sights on those who can’t speak for themselves. Remember Mr. Meowington? PETA, how many cats are mistreated by makeup addicts?

Instagram | @this_is_nalapuss

15. Nobody — and I mean nobody — wants to be around you when this happens

There’s either going to be crying, screaming, or both. It’s best that others just give you your space during this difficult time. And keep 911 on speed dial.

Instagram | @katelynsimkins
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