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15 Pictures Of Utter Inexplicable Bizarreness


There are some situations, places and people where the bizarreness gets so overwhelming that words just fail you. One would need an effort of Sisyphean proportions and amounts of paper that would fit War and Peace, and they still wouldn’t even come close to capturing the weirdness of just one of the following pictures.

So we won’t even attempt it. Just play the Twilight Zone theme song and scroll down.

Beware the Bizarreness you’re about to behold

1. Jack the Ripper’s favorite birthday cake, on display at the London Museum of What the Heck

bizarreness 1

Source: reddit | back_

2. As long as it was really gentle!

bizarreness 2

Source: reddit | Cfx99

3. Too bad from this angle one cannot see the eye of the tiger.

bizarreness 3

Source: reddit | TheHighFlyer

4. Father of the Month

bizarreness 4

Source: reddit | bigpaul15

5. In medieval times cathedrals were built around an already-constructed organ. Same here.

bizarreness 5

Source: reddit | pagegq

6. The groom must be really boring.

bizarreness 6

Source: reddit | Cutecat42

7. The guy enjoys his fishing so much, he kinda lost track of time and spring came.

bizarreness 7

Source: reddit | blinkooo

8. Crips and Bloods beware, there’s a new gang on the block

bizarreness 8

Source: reddit | professor_d00m

9. Words are very unnecessary

bizarreness 9

Source: Imgur | HarryBa11sach

10. Gotta be Russia.

bizarreness 10

Source: Imgur | Lentic

11. One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest

bizarreness 11

Source: Imgur | ScruffyTheJanitorYouKnowTheOneFromFuturamaYouKnewThatDidntYou

12. Giddy-up!

bizarreness 12

Source: reddit | DanniMcBoo

13. Lest Ye Forget!

bizarreness 13

Source: reddit | cthulhu_bait

14. Whoa, we thought Steven Spielberg was way younger when he made Jurassic Park.

bizarreness 14

Source: Imgur | biodan26

15. Remember Tim Burton’s Dr. Seuss?

bizarreness 15

Source: reddit | anastasialeu
Main image via reddit / bigpaul15
Collage images via 1. reddit / bigpaul15 2. Imgur / Lentic 3. Imgur / ScruffyTheJanitorYouKnowTheOneFromFuturamaYouKnewThatDidntYou

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