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8 Pictures With The ‘Crotch-Baring’ Trend Out Of Control

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There’s this trend called crotch-baring, and the origin of it is not quite known to mankind. Why it has taken the fashion world by storm is also unclear, but we have pictures here that show that it did. These are waste-high, thigh-revealing dresses, and while this dress was the ultimate crotch-baring, it became a thing of the past:


Nowadays, photographers and paparazzi are having the time of their life – we witness ‘wardrobe malfunctions’ every day, every time a celebrity leaves the car. And yes, sometimes these combinations are brave fashion statements, but more often than not they can be slightly… oversharing, if you will.

1. Selena Gomez

Taken in Paris, this photo of Selena Gomez shows her wearing a trenchcoat-looking thing, that would’ve benefited greatly from a pair of jeans. However, if we’re being honest, it’s a pretty edgy combination that turns heads. Whether it’s in a good way, you can be the judge.


2. Dayane Mello

This was a film festival, and no, we’re not fooled by the sleeves or the ‘maxi’ category of the gown. Nor are we distracted by the huge belt, Dayane.


3. Bella Hadid

Let’s get something straight. Baring all in Vogue magazine is appropriate if it’s your job and you do it gladly. Baring all but a line on the red carpet is maybe *slightly* uncalled for.


4. Mollie King

Singer Mollie King steps out of a car in a black dress with a white belt. It looks pretty windy, but Mollie’s braving a little more than just the elements.


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