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15 Pictures That Prove The Strange Dating World Nowadays


Dating is hard. You need patience, dedication, and persistence. Of course, you also need love and a partner. Nowadays, it seems like the dating thing is doing pretty well for some who even end up marrying the date they met online. But, in the real world, it often is a real nightmare having to look for a date. Whether it is online or via your best (and most hilarious) friend, your dates sometimes end up with a simple “I don’t want you to call me again, please’. or all of you successful searchers, please don’t get ofended, but some people think the dating world is a strange and hilarious one. And here are some funny pictures to prove that.

1. Artistic representation of online dating for men vs. women.

Source: reddit | megahurt5

2. When you’ve been seeing someone for a couple months and a single rumor ruins your entire opinions of him/her.

The media sucks!

Source: Imgur | OiledBeard

3. Oh, Netflix, can you understand what we are talking about here?

What a world would that be!

Source: Imgur | vallydap

4. This scientific dating triangle had to be revised

It really needs to meet the standards of dating in 2017.

Source: Imgur | jimwyman

5. I am certain most women are buying preemptive cats.

Source: Imgur | onedaythiswillallbeyours

6. Just wait until she responds with three winking smilies.

You’ll probably be writing a combined will.

Source: reddit | spothead051

7. It’s shallower, dirtier and filled with garbage.

Source: reddit | r2d2ismybro

8. You seem to date versions of the same guy over and over again.

But you keep thinking it’s them, not you.

Source: reddit | hardypart

9. What some men like, and are so far from achieving.

Source: reddit | Temporarily__Alone

10. This guy has longer relationships than you.

Source: reddit | hedgehog15

11. All that self-doubt you’ve been repressing comes out in full force.

It has been you this whole time.

Source: reddit | bigcat777

12. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Source: reddit | The_Wrestler

13. Their online persona is a brand new Audi, but they actually end up being a mid-’90s Hyundai.

Source: reddit | [deleted]

14. 1976: “I hope my dad likes you.” vs. 2017: “I hope my cat likes you.”

Source: Imgur | johnnyfugazzi

15. Chivalry…what is that?

Just found out the lady I’m dating is an imgurian…

Imgur | AustralianMinistryForCuteAnimalsThatAreActuallyDeadly

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