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15 Pieces Of Old-Fashioned Sex Advice That Will Make You Cringe


Sometimes past generations advice can be very useful. They are wise, and we can learn a lot from them. But for certain things, this is not the case. Times change, and if we read now some of the “past generations” relationships advice, they might seem totally inaccurate. Although there are different rules now, the oldies are a pretty fun read. Here are some of these  “pearls” of wisdom:

1. Adjusting your socks or bra strap in front of a man is un-ladylike.


Date-night musts, 1938 magazine tutorial: “Do your dressing in your boudoir to keep your allure. Be ready to go when your date arrives; don’t keep him waiting. Greet him with a smile!”

2. Sex discussions in bed make you repulsive.


Thomas D. Horton, the author ofthis  1945  article, entitled ‘What Men Don’t Like About Women’. He suggests that men do not respond well to “relatively decent” women who talk about sex in bed. Today this is considered wrong because communication is actually vital and partners should be honest about their sexual experiences.

3. To avoid the risk of “Him” cheating, be a pro in the bedroom.


Herman H. Rubin’s Sex Harmony and Eugenics, published in 1934, claimed that a woman’s “false modesty” could ruin a marriage. As a matter of fact, this piece is accusing women of being clueless about sex if they are getting divorced.

“A woman may forgive almost any fault in a man, provided only that he is a perfect lover…In order to be a good husband, learn to become a good lover. The wife on her part should disabuse her mind from any puritanical or prudish ideas, and understand that by cooperating fully with her husband to secure their mutual maximum of joy, she increases immeasurably her own happiness, and ensures her status as a loving and well-loved wife.”

4. An expensive and hilarious tip for a hot honeymoon.


Rubin wrote this genius advice: “If the honeymooning couple can afford the expense, it would be infinitely better for the man to engage adjoining connecting rooms. At least, for the first night or two.” Why? Because getting ready for bed is a “rather embarrassing procedure.” Nobody wants to see that. Separate rooms, however, are “so much more romantic and satisfactory.” Well, there you have it.

5. Having sex on your period!?


According to The Curse: A Cultural History of Menstruation, during the  19th-century men were fearful about a woman’s period. They believed that sex during menstruation was “corrupt and virulent.” Also, they were afraid that it’s causing Gonorrhea and other diseases a man couldn’t possibly contract on his own. By the 1930s, men also thought that women shouldn’t have sex during their periods since it would cause them to become exceptionally ill and bleed even more.

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