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These Pinterest DIY Ideas Are Proven To Work And They Look Fantastic


Pinterest searching is like drugs to me. I’m so addicted I think I know a thousand ways how to do something, but the sad truth is I never do any of them. I don’t have time because I spend most of my time searching through for ore projects to pin but they never get further than my imagination. Also, sometimes I assume they are just not possible to achieve. But what if they are? The following compilation is DIY projects from Pinterest that really do work and will brighten your surroundings. Whether it’s home decoration, or cosmetics, or food, these have been tested and proven to work!

1. Lemon shell candles

Pinner Rachele Young admits, “This really works with any citrus fruit because the citric acid is flamible [sic].”


Source: Martha Stewart

You can easily make lemon candles using beeswax, poured at 180 degrees and lemon skins. Use them a day or two after making them.

2. Lip Balm

If you want to make this recipe vegan, replace beeswax with soy of Calendula wax. Pinner Overthrow Martha loves this lip balm: “Tasty! And it makes my lips so smooth! #DIYBeauty.” You need to boil the beeswax and then add coconut oil and essential oils if you please. Mix well and pour it into a container. So easy!


Source: Overthrow Martha

3. Frugal fun slide

Pinner Noel Culbertson says, “I do this every year for my birthday! It is 100 feet long, and it is so much fun!!!!”


Source: Blog Spot | Hope Studios

In order to make this, you need:

  • Heavy duty plastic sheeting
  • Landscape anchor pins
  • Hammer
  • Garden hose
  • Baby soap (optional)
    Now, fold the plastic and use landscape pins to anchor it to the ground. It’s easier if you use a hammer. Then, wet the length of the slide with the hose and add some baby soap on the slide if you please. Your kids will love it!

4. DIY garden containers

You can easily grow crops in these DIY containers. You just need to make sure to have enough holes to provide adequate ventilation and drainage.


Source: Back Porch Garden

5. Baking soda and apple cider vinegar hair rinse

There won’t be any smell, I promise! Pinner Kiersten Sanders states, “…this actually works wonders! I love it and there’s no yucky smell at all.”


Source: Jude and the Walrus

6. Oil pan magnet board

Here is the Pinterest project’s photo:


Source: The Pinterest Project

7. Make a brownie in a mug.

It only takes a few minutes.


Source: Praktic Ideas

8. Use a Banana to Fix a Scratched CD or DVD

All Women’s Talk says, “It’s almost magic how quickly it works.” Rub the edible part of the banana to the entire surface of your CD/DVD. Next, use the banana peel to wipe over the CD/DVD. In the end, spray glass cleaner and a cloth to erase residues. Let it dry and you’re finished!



9. Tea bag as shoe deodorizers

Pinner Jennifer Reinhard confirms, “It Really Works!”


Source: trusper

10. Cut-out necklace holder

According to Pinner Anita M, it’s “[f]un!”

Use cardboard, some imitation leather, glue, and thread to easily make this holder. Design it your own way!



11. Try eating coconut oil to cure your acne

Pinner Stephanie Roehrich shares her secret to clearing up her acne for good: “And then I added this stuff [coconut oil] to my diet and POOF! Clear skin. Seriously. Go buy some…”


Source: Almost Exactly

12. Pallet project

It looks simple and lovely.


Source: Dump a Day

13. Deodorant for a razor burn

If you’re suffering from razor burn in your bikini zone or anywhere else, glide some deodorant over it.


Source: Earth911

14. Turn your male shirt into a dress.

This project is probably the easiest one so far.


Source: Brit + co.

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