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Fifteen Reasons Why Women Live Longer Than Men Shown In Photos


Science has proven it, women do live longer than men on this planet. This is true for a lot of countries in the world. According to UN data from 2013, the average life expectancy for women was almost 4.5 years longer than men’s. Women’s average life expectancy was found to be 71, whereas men tend to live 66.5 years on average.

But why is this happening?

Men and women differ biologically and psychologically as well. Men think in so many different ways than women. As a matter of fact, the frontal lobe, the part of the brain dealing with decision-making and risk assessment, develops slower than women’s. Are men doomed?

Here is a hilarious compilation of men’s extraordinary behavior.

1. Driving back from the store.


It does not look safe at all!

2. He just needed to feel safe.


You don’t have to be a health expert to tell if he is safe.

3. They were not just playing!


Try finding a toy bow and arrow and try again. Don’t try this at home!

4. Window cleaning is never dull.


You really need to have a life insurance, though.

5. Their balance is perfect.


Until the moment something goes wrong. Like stopping at the traffic lights.

6. He is probably not scared of heights, at all!


Looking down is probably the worst idea.

7. Bravery


Dude. Get inside, what the hell?

8. Men just wanna have fun.


With a twist!

9. Balance is the most important thing.


Lights are replaceable, but life isn’t.

10. Who is the dumbest of them all?


It’s not gonna be pretty.

11. Sarcasm at its best!


Sarcasm and irony just became friends for life.

12. Being safe does not simply mean covering yourself.


How is this going to end?

13. Equipment is important, but a little thinking would also help.


What will fall first?

14. I’ve got such a view!


It is not so terrifying…

15. When you just need to change that light.


Think twice what’s more important? Your life or the lights?


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