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15 Routine Things Happy Couples Do Before They Go To Bed


Being in a happy relationship requires true patience and real love. Positivity can come in handy, too. And while you are out there searching for the right one, here are some celebrities who dated both on TV and off-screen. Many of them didn’t end well, but at least we can call them a happy couple, eben if it was short-lived.

Happy couples do have rituals, and sometimes, they’re too strange to understand. Spending time in the bedroom, is, of course, not on the list. Night time routine is truly important for them. As a matter of fact, it can say a lot about your relationship. Here are some of the things happy couples do before they go to bed.

1. Switch your phone to silent and put them both away!


You can start with a simple rule. Both of you should turn off your phones, or put them away at 9pm exactly. It will revive your intimacy and it’s a great time to have that talk!

2. Forget all about work


Sounds great, right? Try to put work to the back of your mind, and stop checking your work emails when you are in bed. You can go on resting instead and be more productive the next day! Pillow talk connects couples emotionally. It helps you to forget about problems, and it makes you feel relaxed, too.

3. Don’t argue and get into heated conversations


Fighting in bed never solved a single issue, so don’t bother. It will make it harder for you both to fall asleep, and you’ll feel tired and lethargic the next day.

4. Have a heart-to-heart talk instead


So if you don’t talk about all that stuff, pay attention to each other’s feelings!

5. Go to bed at the same time as your partner


Many couples don’t see each other all day long, and then they have a habit of going to bed at different times. Happy couples, however, brush their teeth together, go to bed at the same time, and this helps them to maintain a sense of intimacy in their relationship.

6. Follow a routine


Following the same bedtime routine every night helps you sleep better. Your brain will recognize that bedtime is approaching and prepares your body for sleep. If you follow the same routine with your partner, your relationship will be more intimate and trustworthy.

7. Say ‘I love you’!


Make the effort to let your partner know they are loved! Say it in a special way, not as a routine thing to do.

8. Keep your bedroom child-free


If you have kids, the only time you should let your children sleep in your bed is if they have a nightmare. The bedroom should be your own private space.

9. The same goes for pets


Don’t share your bed with the pets. Most people who sleep with their pets don’t get enough sleep, since their pet doesn’t sleep through the night and often disturbs its owner’s sleep.

10. Don’t smoke or drink alcohol


Many couples like to have a glass of wine before going to bed to create a romantic atmosphere. That’s great, but while your body is digesting alcohol, you get a less restful night’s sleep. This will also make you feel tired and irritable when you wake up in the morning.

11. Give each other a massage


Experts say that a light, relaxing massage before going to bed improves the quality of your sleep, reduces anxiety, and can bring couples closer together. Why don’t you try it out?

12. Try to prioritize getting a good night’s sleep


Getting a good night’s sleep is important for your mental health, which will also improve your relationship.

13. Take a few minutes to practice gratitude


Try dedicating a few minutes before going to sleep each night to express positive feelings! It’s always great to finish the day on a positive note and will make you feel a whole lot better.

14. Make eye contact


Gazing into your partner’s eyes can actually increase arousal!

15. Don’t forget about those affectionate hugs and kisses


Don’t forget to kiss your partner before going to sleep, and cuddle for a few minutes when you are already in bed too. Psychologists say that if you hug to fall asleep, your relationship is a strong one!


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