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15 On-Set Secrets About The ‘Divergent’ Movies You Didn’t Know


The Divergent movies (and books) are excellent! I mean, a lot of people are raving about The Hunger Games and Maze Runner but let’s be real, Divergent is the best!

Seriously, though, who wanted to burst into tears when they heard news that the last Divergent movie is not going to air on TV. Well, at least we have 3 amazing movies to rewatch over and over again. And we’ll have to do that until Ascendant gets released on TV. But now, let’s all just settle down, look at some pics of Theo James as Four, keep the knowledge that Four and Tris are an amazing couple and learn 15 on-set secrets about these movies!

1. Shailene Woodley refused the role of Tris first, but she ended up talking to Jennifer Lawrence who told her that she simply HAD to take it.


Source: via The Daily Beast

2. Ansel Elgort played Tris’ brother in the Divergent movies, but he also played Shailene’s character’s boyfriend in The Fault in Our Stars. Ansel says he prefers the latter.


Source: via Pinterest

3. Shailene and Miles Teller found it really difficult to film their fight scenes because they’re actually best friends in real life!


Source: via The Film Freak

4. When Tris punches Peter, the sound that Miles makes is real! Shailene actually punched him in the throat by accident!


Source: via Divergent Wiki

5. Theo James did all of the fight stunts himself. He asked for NO stunt doubles and they listened!


Source: via The Reading Date

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