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15 Secrets From The Set Of “Pretty Little Liars” You May Not Know



Seriously though, the best TV show right now is Pretty Little Liars. The episodes are so intense! The girls are constantly in danger, and there’s always someone after them. Seven seasons have gone by and we have been watching at the edge of our seats because of this damn mysterious person who keeps messing with them! Who is A.D?! I can’t answer that, unfortunately, but I can tell you some fun on-set secrets about the show!

1. The theme song that creeps all of us out is called “Secret” by The Pierces and it was suggested by Ashley Benson.


Source: via PC Wall Art

2. Alison DiLaurentis’ last name is actually an anagram for “Liars united.” Whoa…


Source: via The Pop Hub

3. Every single one of the cast memebers knew who A.D. was except for Lucy Hale, simply because she wasn’t good at keeping secrets.


Source: via Wetpaint

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