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15 Secrets From Behind The Scenes Of ‘Legally Blonde’


If your a fan of romcoms you will probably agree that Reese Witherspoon is the expert in this genre. The forty-one-year-old actress had her breakthrough role as the fashionable sorority queen in Legally Blonde (2001). She has also been in other romantic movies such as Sweet Home Alabama, Just Like Heaven, This Means War and Water For Elephants. There is nothing more attractive than a strong, determined and smart woman. Of course, it doesn’t hurt if she is cute and blond too.

For all of those who still haven’t watched it, Legally Blond is an American comedy film where the protagonist of the movie, Elle Woods gets dumped by her boyfriend, the governor’s son, Warner Huntington III. Afterward, she decides to follow him to law school. Elle gets into Harvard, determined to win him back. During her studies, she realizes that there is much more than just looks.

For all the fans, here are some awesome and juicy things that happened during the shooting of the movie, courtesy of Diply.

1. Matthew Davis had a huge crush on Reese Witherspoon during filming

He was so anxious and intimidated by her that the producers had to make sure he was feeling okay. Can you imagine that he even told Reese, who at the time was happily married to Ryan Phillippe, that he liked her. But, the very professional actress just kindly said that it was very sweet of him to say but they need to get back to work.

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2. To prepare herself to play Elle, Reese spent two weeks studying sorority girls

The Big Little Lies actress said that she loved spending time with sorority girls because they were all very kind and polite.
In order to prepare herself for her best performance as Ellie, Reese even decided to attend law school for a day!



3. Reese’s character wears 40 different hairstyles in the movie

Obsessed with Legally Blonde? No not at all. I just have watched it over ten times. But really, next time when you watch it you can count forty different hairstyles.


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4. Elle is really smart

Did you know that 180 is a perfect score on the LSAT exam? Elle’s score was 179 which puts her in the top 0.1%. Don’t let that cute blonde look deceive you!


5. Reese Witherspoon insisted to keep all of Elle’s clothes

When the Oscar-winning actress negotiated her contract for Legally Blonde she had one request. To keep all of her character’s clothes. All of them!

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6. Jimmy Choo was asked to design 63 different pairs of shoes

The famous shoe designer made all the shoes of man-made material (to go along with the storyline that opposed animal cruelty). And of course, the-41-year old actress kept all of them. Lucky.

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7. The actress based Elle on a character she played in American Psycho

Well, that would be Evelyn Williams.

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8. Elle wears more than 30 scarves during the movie

Everyone was obsessed with her style and her closet.

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9. The original ending was supposed to have Elle and Emmett kissing

That didn’t seem like a good idea since the audience cared more about Elle’s journey of becoming a successful lawyer.

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10. Did you know that the audience didn’t like the original ending?

Because of that, a graduation scene was added to show that Elle graduated at the top of her class.

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11. The movie was supposed to be set at the University of Chicago

However, the school declined because they weren’t feeling comfortable with the scene where the professor puts his hand on Elle’s leg.
That’s why the production moved the movie to Harvard University. Even better.

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12. Elle got her name from the famous fashion magazine

No, it’s not just a random choice. Amanda Brown, the author of the book that the movie is based on actually went to law school and she enjoyed reading Elle magazine during her spare time.

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13. Before this movie, Reese and Selma Blair had worked together before

The very successful actresses had worked together in the movie Cruel Intentions and couldn’t have been more excited to act together once again.

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14. The one million dog march was totally Reese’s idea!

That’s amazing because it turned out to be one of the best scenes in the movie.

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15. Even the dogs were given credit

Yes you read that right. They were given credit as production assistants! So adorable.

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source: diply

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