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15 struggles only girls who love makeup ubnderstand


Even if you are a makeup freak, that doesn’t actually mean you know it all. As you know a lot of techniques are being discovered day by day that you have no idea about. When doing our makeup we face with a lot of struggles. What products to use, you eyeliner turns out a disaster, your mascara ruins your eyeshadow art etc. Below we have 15 struggles that only makeup freaks understand. Check them out:

1. You just smudged your eyeliner. No problem, just add a bit more. Now, it’s more like a panda eye than a cat eye look…


2. Unfortunately, someone has to carry them to your door, and the mailman’s been getting a scary amount of workouts from your subscriptions and online orders.


3. Sometimes, the love of looking amazing comes at a price. The can include that heavy, cloggy feeling you get when you wear full face makeup during the summer.


4. Buying makeup shades that you were inspired by, only to forget what you wanted to do with them later.


5.Dealing with the fallout of trying a pinterest tutorial… .


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