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15 Things You Didn’t Know About Elizabeth Olsen



We’ve followed the Olsen twins since they were babies, but not many people know that there is a third Olsen sister that’s equally talented. Or, we have seen her, since she appeared in several blockbusters, but didn’t connect the dots that they’re all related. Together they make for quite a talented family.

If you follow her career, then you may be acquainted with what she does, but do you know these 15 facts about her?

1. She is BFF with Aaron Carter’s twin sister Angel.

Oh, how we miss the House of Carters.


Source: via Daily News

2. She didn’t want to be known as an Olsen sister, so she used the last name Chase in high school.

Let’s all admit that we would’ve used the famous sister card now, wouldn’t we?


Source: via Giphy

3. She got scared of the media and how it treated her sisters, so she almost quit acting in 2004.

She said that they would “almost get into car accidents because of the paparazzi, and [she] didn’t want to be a part of it.”


Source: via Nicki Swift

4. She auditioned for Spy Kids, but didn’t get the part.

She said she was glad she didn’t, but Spy Kids has Antonio Banderas, so we’re taking that statement with a grain of salt.


Source: via Wallpaper Abyss

5. Her dad only asked “Are you sure this is a good idea?” when he found out she was going to film a nude scene.



Source: via GQ

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