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15 Times Kate Middleton Broke The Royal Dress Code But Looked Fabulous


Being a celebrity might mean that you can wear any expensive piece of designer outfit you want, but being Royalty means something entirely different. You can’t really choose your own outfit all the time. There are many strict rules you need to obey and being a woman in Royalty is not an easy thing, too. You need to appear both elegant and not showing too much skin. The royal dress code seems to be hard for Kate Middleton, too. Despite looking flawless all the time, the wife of Prince William can make a few exceptions every now and then.



1. The queen would probably have an issue with the hemline being above the knee.

We would say it looks absolutely fine.


2. The royal elders were probably not impressed with this tight outfit.

Poor mother-of-two, she has to stop looking so slim for the sake of royalty!


3. Showing some clavicle is a big deal for the royal family.

They almost don’t do it. Kate was the exception here.


4. Being in this position makes Kate seem like she chose the wrong outfit.

Is there any other way of doing this?


5. Doing small labor in the public eye would not be an event to wear this tight outfit.

But, let’s be honest, Kate is rocking it!


6. Bare knees are a ‘no’.

Despite her elegant figure, bare knees are something the Queen would not accept. But apparently does.


7. This see-through dress is not a great idea either.

It might be a little too see-through for a princess to wear.


8. Those skirts are basically her favorite!

She looks great, even though she is breaking some royal rules.


9. High-slits dresses are a ‘no’, too.

The royal family can hopefully understand what the wind can do to a dress.


10. Tight and short outfits seem to b her other favorite choice, too.

Some rules are meant to be broken, after all.


11. The risky outfit.

Fine, I’ll wear the jacket, but my knees remain on the open.


12. A red and low-cut dress looks perfect on Kate.

She looks absolutely stunning in jaw-dropping dress.


13. A deep V-neck dress.

This is probably not something the Queen would pick out for Kate to wear. But it sure looks classy!


14. Kate is basically breaking this rule by wearing these dresses.

And they look perfect on her!


15. Neckline dresses.

Look at the look on her face. She certainly enjoys wearing whichever outfit she wants.



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