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15 Pieces Of Trivia About ‘The Divergent’ Movie Series


The Divergent is a movie series based on the Divergent Trilogy – three science fiction novels written by American novelist Veronica Roth: Divergent, Insurgent and Allegiant.

The story is set in a postapocalyptic dystopian Chicago. This future society is organized in five factions one is relocated to when they are 16 years old and whose values they are expected to follow for the rest of their lives. Every attempt at independence is brutally suppressed.

Three movies have been released so far, in 2014, 2015 and 2016 respectively. In total, the series grossed $765,409,015 on a $305 million production budget.

The creation of a fourth film is currently in limbo. Originally it was planned to cover the latter part of the third book, Allegiant. Its production is currently uncertain due to the third movie performing poorer than expected at the box office. At the moment production as a television film, as a feature film or the project being scrapped are all considered viable possibilities.

While we are waiting on the producers’ decision, let’s look at some Divergent trivia.

1. Shailene Woodley initially turned down the role of Tris. After a conversation with Jennifer Lawrence, she changed her mind after she was told she had to take such an opportunity.


Source: The Daily Beast

2. Ansel Elgort who plays Shailene’s brother in the Divergent series played her boyfriend in The Fault in Our Stars.


Source: Pinterest

3. Miles Teller admittedly had a lot of fun being mean to Shailene for a change, because he had already played her boyfriend in Spectacular Now.


Source: The Film Freak

4. When Tris punches Peter, his reaction is real! The punch actually landed on his throat by accident.


Source: Divergent Wiki

5. Theo James did his own fight stunts. He didn’t want a stunt double for any of the scenes and the producers agreed.


Source: The Reading Date

6. Theo found the filming of the kissing scene with Shailene difficult. He wanted the scene to be as authentic and believable as possible for people who have read the books.


Source: Hypable

7. The cast all did boot camp training for two months prior to filming.


Source: emaze

8. That intense kissing scene between Tris and Four was originally intended to be a love scene and was reportedly already filmed – only to be excluded at the end. Damn!


Source: Sugarscape

9. Shailene’s hair was short from the filming of The Fault in Our Stars. Since she didn’t want to wear a wig, her hairstyle remained short for The Divergent as well.

divergent 9

Source: Inside Insurgent

10. Did you notice Caleb’s awkward running? According to Ansel, this is due to the fact that Caleb has no superhero qualities or any physical prowess, in contrast to Theo or Shailene.

divergent 10

Source: Divergent Wiki

11. In most of Miles’ scenes, he ends up beaten up by Shailene.

divergent 11

Source: Best of Picture

12. Tris’ inner voice is provided by Ellie Goulding. The voice can be faintly heard in the background of some scenes, mixed with the film score.

divergent 12

Source: Celeb Mafia

13. After the first Dauntless test, Tris’ name on the board is misspelled as “Triss”.

divergent 13

Source: Divergent

14. Shailene admitted she is thankful for the experience of the movies because of the strength of her friendship with Theo.

divergent 14

Source: People

15. Kate Winslet was a cert to appear in Allegiant, but the writers just couldn’t make her character work for the story.

divergent 15


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