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15 Useful Inventions That Will Blow Your Mind!


From time to time we all need shortcuts that will make our lives much easier. And here is a list of crazy inventions that are so smart you will be left with your jaw dropped. And thanks to these clever inventions life simply gets so much better.

Take a look at this list of 15 useful inventions that will blow your mind:

1. One-handed zipper

As simple as it looks this thing is more than useful!


Source: via imgur


Source: via imgur

2. Keyboard joystick

Gamers here is your new toy! You will love it!


Source: via Dorkly

3. Cutting board crumb-catcher

If you have a parrot, this is the perfect tool you need at home!


Source: via Department of Design

4. LED slippers

Can’t see your way to the bathroom at night? Here is the thing you need!


Source: via imgur

5. Wheelchair-accessible staircase

This one’s our favorite! It both looks gorgeous and is extremely useful!


Source: via imgur

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