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15 Useful Nail Polish Hacks For Every Day

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No doubts the internet is full of nail polish hacks and tips. We can see amazing designs, the latest info on new nail care product. You name it, and it’s there. The creative nail artists are generously sharing their experiences and advising how to use  nail polish in the best way possible.

But, nail polish is not just for nails anymore. Even if you know a lot about this product and you have great manicure skills you will find these tips handy. The nail virtuoso and blogger Meliney shares 15 helpful polish hacks in this video below from Rumble.

1. Mosquito Bite Relief

Apply a clear nail polish to stop the insatiable itch from a mosquito or chigger bite.

2. Awesome Decorative Paint

Be creative and think outside the bottle. Meliney already does it. She is thinking of nail polish as a miniature container of paint and she uses it to paint over household items. You can use it as a corrector for things like lamps, shoe heels, compact mirrors, or whatever else you want. Just be creative!

3. Touch-up scratches Car Paint


There are a variety of colors available. You can try covering up small dings or scratches with just the right shade of silver, black, or whatever the color of your car is.

4. Marking Keys

If you have many keys on the key chain, you can use nail polish to color code the tops. You can even do it as Meliney and paint the entire key in a cool design.

5. Threading Needles

Apply a coat of nail polish on the end of the thread with clear nail polish. Once it’s dry you can thread your needle.

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