15 Visuals That You Have No Idea How They Came To Be

15 Visuals That You Have No Idea How They Came To Be


It’s sometimes scary how certain visuals stay imprinted on your brain to torture you for days on end.
Perception and the human eye is a funny thing. Sometimes when our vision is distorted, due to the absence of light, for example, our eye creates shapes and we think we see things that are not actually there.

But what if these things that we see, that baffle our brain and create feelings of repulsiveness in ourselves, are actually there?
What then?

How do we unsee something? In those cases maybe it’s better to look away now.
Or maybe, to cleanse yourself, look at 98 additional photos of cats, unicorns, famous world sites and all that is holy and worthy on this Earth.
Now, these photos below that you will witness, some of them will put a large grin on your face, some you will think are disingenuous but some will churn your guts.

1. Here is Brad Pitt, stuck in character, circa Benjamin Button. Held by an unidentified person.


Source: reddit | [deleted]

2. The masters of photoshop


Source: reddit | drizzfoshizz

3. A guy and his cat taking a selfie with the camera being beneath the table! But what was the guy thinking?!


Source: reddit | y0us1rn4me

4. This sculpture in New Zealand looks like it was just drawn on the background by God holding a giant stencil pen!


Source: reddit | chicken_phat

5. Nice stems, buddy!


Source: reddit | charsiubox

6. An optic illusion of the wheel actually being functional! Mind blown!


Source: reddit | rembot

7. I laughed my ass off with this one!


Source: reddit | magicmike87

8. I want to be taken to a date near that river! imagine how nature’s violin must sound!


Source: reddit | Icanhazcomment

9. Do you think this was photoshopped?  I kinda don’t.


Source: reddit | tek0011

10. Two Girls One Gorilla


Source: reddit | lo_and_be

11. Imagine having this happen to you while holding a lecture, or defending your graduate paper or something. Poor guy!


Source: reddit | CptSandbag73

12. I somehow always knew that zebras would be blonde if they were human.


Source: reddit | [deleted]

13. Someone should have taken up the task to design a special kind of hat for this guy. There is just so much space for accessories and such!


Source: reddit | SovietSteve

14. Florida horse conch in action everyone! Smile at the camera, Florida horse conch!


Source: reddit | TwelveColonies

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