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15 Walmart Shoppers That Will Make You Go ‘WTF’


Walmart is not only great for bargains and affordable household necessities. It’s a whole world of the most incredible people you will meet in your lifetime.

Yes, we said lifetime. We’ve seen it a million times. In terms of unlikely people to meet, Walmart seems like a different planet. A different planet with different norms about what a person should look like in public. And it gets better every time.

Because, look at this:


1. Xena: Walmart Princess.


Or, not Xena. I don’t know, really.

2. Let’s move away before that attitude fully downloads…


3. Honey Boo Boo, all grown up and shopping.


Or, maybe it’s that other Toddlers & Tiaras winner? Any one of them?

4. Silly human, flames like that go on a car.


Oh, you already have them on your car? Sorry.

5. So this is what happened to Baby Jane.


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