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15 Ways To Ruin Someone’s Day In The Most Terrible Way


Have you ever felt really vindictive in your life? Maybe on a terrible Monday? Many of us have felt like we just can’t deal with all the small problems any more. You’ve put up with your friend’s arrogance, or your boss’s insensitivity. And the moment has come. You are in just the worst mood ever, really looking forward to ruin someone’s day! Anyway, maybe not so much like acting upon it, but we have certainly felt like doing our sweet revenge on someone. And for those who have done it, the good feeling afterwards didn’t last long.  But, if you are still thinking about it, we have some brainstorming ideas for your rainy days.

1. Smells like a fishing trawler on a hot day up in here!


You will immediately want to get out of that room, I swear.

Source: reddit | Vettit

2. “But, wait, I really trusted you!”


Source: Imgur | jpm1025

3. Two scoops of regret and sadness.


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4. Making the perfect size of cookies, for your enemies, of course.

They will never reach that milk!

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5. Psychological damage by parents


Source: Imgur | Cretule

6. That plot twist moment.

Source: reddit | Phantom0591

7. How to ruin your mom’s entire life!

Source: Imgur | TheWebProgrammer

8. Time to season! A bit too much for today.


Source: Imgur | Illbehave

9. What exactly do you mean by he “followed you in?”

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10. The only way for the water to stay green for weeks!

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11. There’s really no bouncing back from this one.


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12. You can’t go against the power of nature. Unless you see with your eyes on the road.


Source: reddit | Ibby238

13. Somewhere, someone is making a Franken-bike out of stolen parts!



Source: Imgur | Illbehave

14. Try bringing your favorite enemy to meet your dog!


Source: reddit | lemeontop

15. What your mom has been telling you all this time…


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