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15 Weird Facts You Didn’t Know About Shailene Woodley

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If you watch The Divergent TV series, I’m sure you know who Shailene Woodley is. If not, let me fill you in.

The 25-year-old who hails from San Bernardino certainly made a name for herself on the ABC Family Show “The Secret Life of The American Teenager”, that lasted from 2008-2013, and now she has reached her peak with The Divergent. If you’re a big fan of Shailene, then I bet you’d like to more know about this talented actress. Well, you’ve come to the right spot.

Check out these 15 weird and interesting facts about Shailene Woodley. They may come in handy as a conversation starter, you never know…

1. She was diagnosed with scoliosis at age 15.

This meant she had to wear chest-to-hips braces for years, so she could straighten her spine.

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2. Her mother is a school counselor, while her dad is a principal.

I bet you she had good grades at school!

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3. Her first role was the little girl in the 1999 TV movie Replacing Dad, when she was just eight years old.

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4. During filming of The Secret Life of the American Teenager, she kept her part-time job at American Apparel, and quit when she landed a part in The Descendants.

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5. She lost out to Jennifer Lawrence for the lead spot in The Hunger Games.

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6. She wears almost no makeup to all the award shows she attends because she believes that too much makeup is not a proper representation of herself.

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7. She once wore Vibram FiveFingers shoes at a Golden Globes after party.

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8. She played the role of Mary Jane Watson in 2014’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2, but all her scenes were cut.

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9. She crashes at her friend’s homes when she’s in LA, instead of her own home which she gave to her grandmother.

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10. Her lifestyle is very minimalistic.

In terms of value, everything she owns fits in a carry-on suitcase.

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11. She was really desperate to land the role of Hazel Grace Lancaster in the tear-inducing The Fault in Our Stars.

So desperate that she was sending letters to John Green, the author of the book, as well as Josh Boone, the director of the movie, saying how passionate she was about the character.

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12. Because she wasn’t allowed to wear a wig, she cut off most of her hair and donated it to a childre’s hospital that makes wigs for kids.

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13. She says that she has “low-maintenance” hair, and only washes it once a month.

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14. She brushes her teeth with clay, and she rinses her mouth with sesame oil for 20 minutes to whiten her teeth.

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15. Her favorite way to end the day is to wash her face, read a book with poems or a novel, and have a cup of tea.

Sounds like a great way to end the day to me!



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