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16 Actors That You Had No Idea Their Spouses Were Famous


Nowadays it is basically impossible not to know everything about celebrities. You know where there are at, what they do in the morning, or before they go to bed. But, sometimes, you miss some information. Yeah, that’s possible, too. In the era of Instagram and Snapchat, you probably ended up having no clue about the following celebrities’ spouses. And, they are pretty famous, too. Here are the most “under-the-radar” (and adorable) celeb relationships going on today.

1. Rachel Weisz & Daniel Craig

The latest James Bond married Rachel Weisz (The Constant Gardener) in 2016 without the Hollywood paparazzi being any the wiser. If anyone could get married in secret, it’d be 007, of course.


Source: Instagram | @rachelweisz1

2. Cobie Smulders & Taran Killam

You may be surprised to learn that the How I Met Your Mother star is married to SNL alum, Taran Killam. They do make a cute couple!


Source: Instagram | @cobiesmulders

3. Kyra Sedgwick & Kevin Bacon

The Closer star is enjoying her Bacon guy for years now. Way to go, you two!


Source: Instagram | @kevinbacon

4. Jennifer Grey & Clark Gregg

If we talk about longevity, these two talented peeps have been together since 2001. The Dirty Dancing actress and her Marvel universe hubby truly know how to define the phrase, “Marriage Goals.”


Source: Instagram | @clarkgregg

Wait a second…They’re married? No way!


5. Amber Tamblyn & David Cross

These two often get lost in intelligent conversations about culture and politics, probably.


Source: Instagram | @davidcrossofficial

6. Elsa Pataky & Chris Hemsworth

These two love birds can be seen gallivanting around town, either on a date or with their child. They are living proof that age is just a number.


Source: Instagram | @elsapatakyconfidential

7. Hilarie Burton & Jeffrey Dean Morgan

After seeing how Jeff acted as Negan on The Walking Dead, you’d probably think it’d be a little challenging to find a bride. Well, it’s not the case. Hilarie and Jeffrey have been happily married since 2014.


Source: YouTube | Astor Services

We are entirely shook!


8. Alyson Hannigan & Alexis Denisof

These two fell in love while shooting Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


Source: YouTube | LovingCelebrities

9. Calista Flockhart & Harrison Ford

There’s only one lady strong enough to tame the wild ways of Han Solo. And that lady is…Ally McBeal.  These two have been together and loving life for years now!


Source: YouTube | star celebrities

10. Michelle Pfeiffer & David E. Kelley

Perhaps only the most fanatical of TV watchers will recognize writer David E. Kelley’s name (Boston Legal, Big Little Lies, etc.). However, there’s one ex-Catwoman who considers him “one and only.”


Source: Wikimedia | Alan Light

11. Christine Taylor & Ben Stiller

The Hey Dude starlet couldn’t resist the infectious charm of Zoolander. Sadly, though, these two just separated but we’re hoping they can work things out and get back together.


Source: Flickr | Vivanista1

12. Viola Davis & Julius Tennon

Even after 14 years, it still seems like they’re in the Honeymoon phase.


Source: Instagram | @violadavis

Aren’t they the cutest couple?


13. Claire Danes & Hugh Dancy

These two met on the set of the 2007 film, Evening and they’ve been together ever since.


Source: Instagram | @thehughdancy

14. Lisa Bonet & Jason Momoa

After being introduced to each other through some mutual friends, they simply knew they were soulmates.


Source: Instagram | @prideofgypsies

15. Jamie Lee Curtis & Christopher Guest

These multi-talented lovebirds are probably having a fun time together on a daily basis, making each other laugh all the time.


Source: YouTube | TKnightbingban

16. Christina Hendricks & Geoffrey Arend

Their marriage might surprise you, but the chemistry emitting from these two obvious soulmates is undeniable.


Source: Instagram | @geoffreyarend



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