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15 Awesome Time-Saving Beauty Hacks Your Morning Routine Is Missing


When it comes to beauty, there are plenty of tutorials. These tips and hacks are all around the internet because we need them so much. How else would we know how to do our makeup, hair, nails, and everything in between. These beauty hacks on the list below will help you a lot. You will not waste any precious time in the morning anymore because you will know how to play up your best features!


1.One Brush is not for All hair types

There are plenty of different tools for every different hair types.  The brush is most important when doing a blowout. If you have curly or thick hair the best brush is  a boar-bristle brush. If your hair is thin or wavy then it’s better if you use an all-nylon brush.


2. DIY Lip Stain when you run out of lipstick

It’s a nightmare when you have done your makeup and you realize that you don’t have any lipstick. There is a trick to you can use until you can replace it.  This DIY is so simple, all you have to do is wet a pink-toned eyeshadow and apply to your lips!


3. No more Lower Lash Clumps

If you hate the sticky mess which comes when you are trying to apply a smooth coat of mascara to your lower lashes. Try this. Instead of the mascara wand use a fan brush to apply mascara.


4. How to make A Brighter Smoky Eye

Take the dark smoky eye to a whole new level to fit a bubbly personality better.  Go for the brighter version! Apply a cream color shadow on the lids. Then buff your favorite color with a long shadow brush. At the end apply some concealer to diffuse the color if  necessary.


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