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16 Nails That Will Suit You If You’re Into Black And White

black and white nails design

Color? What’s that? Who cares about color when you have black and white, am I right?

Alright, jokes aside, I know that not all of you think like that. As colorful of a person as you may be, you have to admit that black and white has always been cool.

When it comes to nails, we always encourage everyone to think of their own designs, but sometimes, we find some designs that we simply can’t hold back on showing you.

And, if black and white tickles your fancy for your next nails, here are 16 ideas to get you started.

1. If you want to set things back to basics, this newspaper design is the way to go.

Black And White Nails 1

Source: tumblr | plainnails

2. These remind me of some kind of cool wall decoration at an artsy, “modern” cafe.

Black And White Nails 2

Source: Instagram | @vicki.1008

3. Even the most beautiful meadows and forests can show their scary side at night.

Black And White Nails 3

Source: tumblr | foodluffy

4. These really cool dark dandelions.

Black And White Nails 4

Source: Instagram | @ane_li

5. This reminds me a lot of Beetlejuice’s outfit in that comedy of the same name.

Black And White Nails 5

Source: tumblr | kayyygeee

6. This one is really good. Each phase of the moon is painted on each nail.

Black And White Nails 6

Source: tumblr | entwinedways

7. A cool style that seems to just look like messy paint streaks at first, but it actually looks like you’re looking through the trees on a starry night.

Black And White Nails 7

Source: Instagram | @jesslanacrist

8. While not a lot of girls might like this one, it’s still cool to see the combination of the pearls, the webs and that one spider there.

Black And White Nails 8

Source: tumblr | victoriasnails

9. A beautiful floral look.

Black And White Nails 9

Source: tumblr | fictionail

10. I don’t know what to call this abstract design, but either way, it’s cool.

Black And White Nails 10

Source: tumblr | bakenekonails

11. Here’s a really cool houndstooth style. A lot of people might not even know what those shapes are, so you can have some fun flummoxing them.

Black And White Nails 11

Source: tumblr | gettinnailed

12. The glitter on these jazzes it up, but the black and white plants definitely seem to work.

Black And White Nails 12

Source: Instagram | @kimiko7878

13. A really cool *in a ghost voice* SPOOOOOOOOKYY design.

Black And White Nails 13

Source: tumblr | notyouraveragenails

14. Here’s a good one if you really love the theater.

Black And White Nails 14

Source: tumblr | brattybettie

15. This flock of birds.

Black And White Nails 15

Source: tumblr | perksofbeinga-h-i-p-s-t-e-r

16. Something to match the theme of South Africa’s ancient civilizations, if you’re into that.

Black And White Nails 16

Source: tumblr | ruthhnugent
Main image via tumblr / victoriasnails
Collage images via 1. Instagram / @kimiko7878 2. tumblr / bakenekonails 3. tumblr / entwinedways

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