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16 Bra Struggles That Make You Wonder Why You Ever Wanted To Wear Them


Remember when you were a little girl and all you wanted in life was growing up and wearing bras like your mommy? As soon as you grew up and started wearing bras, though, the real struggle began from finding the perfect size that doesn’t stop your breathing to matching it with your prom dress, bras can be difficult to deal with. These struggles are so real, that most of the girls can relate to following bra realities.

1. You are convinced the underwire in your bra is trying to stab you.

Is it just me or the bra has turned against me?

Source: Alaska Guide. Club

2. Backless dresses and shirts complicate everything.

Some would not wear a bra at all, but for those with big breasts, this is a real nightmare.

Source: YouTube | Spankie Valentine TV

3. Strapless dresses are a no-go for smaller-chested women.

Strapless gown for prom? In your dreams.

Source: Memes Happen

4. Taking off your bra at the end of the day is the best feeling in the world.

Greatest sigh of relief.

Source: Instagram | @katewebbstarr

5. Most of the time, you take off your bra before taking off your shoes.

You can’t wait to come home from work.

Source: Instagram | @soffia_aleman

6. You have worn chicken cutlets more times than you have eaten them.

As a matter of fact, the food is much more pleasant.

Source: Wedding Wire

7. Strapless bra – the biggest joke invented!

It’s probably the most inconvenient clothing item to ever exist.

Source: Lingerie List

8. Taking off a sports bra after a workout can be more strenuous than the actual workout.

I can’t even think of this right now.

Source: Instagram | @zoefitnessfoods

9. Most sports bras tend to create an unflattering uniboob.

Apart from the other discomforts…

Source: Target

10. Try finding a sports bra for larger breasts.

It is nearly impossible!

Source: Busty Girl Comics

11. You want every single bra at Victoria’s Secret.

Everything is just so pretty!

Source: The Krazy Coupon Lady

12. Washing machines are murdering bras.

You have probably learned this the hard way, and we are not going any further.

Source: Mode Grande Taille

13. Bras cost a fortune!

They say it’s a good investment, I wonder how…

Source: FOOYOH | Someecards

14. Smaller boobs get to have all the fun and all the cute bras.

Such a diverse world…

Source: Reddit | Purple-Leopard

15. You’ve been doing it for years now, but still can’t unhook your own bra half the time.

Bras are hard to handle, okay?

Source: Meme Center

16. The daily bra cycle.

It’s really not my fault that it shrinks throughout the day.

Source: Instagram | @josie.doodles
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