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16 Times Cole Sprouse Made Jokes About His Younger Self On Social Media

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Childhood sweetheart Cole Sprouse aka Cody Martin from the favorite Disney series The Suite Life of Zack & Cody is all grown up now! The 25-year-old actor and cute twin brother of Dylan Sprouse is now a teen sensation, melting the hearts of millions in the teen drama Riverdale as Jughead Jones. Most recent news about him? It seems like he loves kissing his on-screen partner Lili Reinhart, but are they a real-life couple? Besides kissing, this talented actor is great at making jokes about himself, too. Especially about his younger self. Remeber him as the cute little twin boy?

1. Sk8boy gone mad

Cole Sprouse looks like every angsty sk8r boi in 2005.


Source: Twitter | @colesprouse

2. Cute little awkward boy

TBT to when Cole was a 10-year-old boy and brutally honest about his feelings toward Jennifer Aniston. Well, I suppose honesty is the best policy!



Source: Twitter | @colesprouse

3. You gotta love teen magazines

Remember all the quizzes, posters, and embarrassing stories? We bought them for a reason!


Source: Twitter | @colesprouse

4. The time he looked like a little Dutch girl.

The past will always haunt you, Cole!


Source: Twitter | @colesprouse

5. When he admitted to being a real mess.

Don’t trust a 10-year-old you! Please, please, please! Look at that conductor’s hat! That’s no good, man!


Source: Twitter | @colesprouse

6. When you call yourself hard, but don’t have a picture with Eminem.

Looking cool, like always!


Source: Twitter | @colesprouse

7. The time he was too lit at a GameCube launch party.

Do you need a glass of water, Cole,? Are you just sleepy or what?


Source: Twitter | @colesprouse

8. When he admitted having the same haircut for 16 years.

Seriously, same length, but different styling technique! Notice more accurately, people!


Source: Twitter | @colesprouse

9. When he showed us his middle school ID card.

If you’re looking to embarrass a friend, show their middle school ID to the world. And they are done!


Source: Twitter | @colesprouse

10. Some friendships are forever!

Seriously, guys, Taylor has a double!


Source: Twitter | @colesprouse

11. When he responded to one of those “What They Look Like Now” articles.



Source: Twitter | @colesprouse

12. Writing poems was a bit horror-like

OK, Cole, we all had that phase.


Source: Twitter | @colesprouse

13. Showing us this pensive-looking photo from Big Daddy.

Cole is super introspective, just like Jughead in Riverdale.


Source: Twitter | @colesprouse

14. Making fun of himself is his best hobby.

The cover designer should have thought first!


Source: Twitter | @colesprouse

15. When he wrote this “About the Author” blurb.

He is very smart and that’s the best part of the biography!


Source: Twitter | @colesprouse

16. Remember the time he slayed at the Disney Channel Games?.

You gotta love Cole Sprouse!


Source: Twitter | @colesprouse

Here‘s how he admitted that he loves kissing his co-star on Riverdale.

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