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16 Countries That Have The Most Beautiful Women In The World


With 196 countries in the world, it’s hard to choose which countries have the most beautiful women, and the debate is a never-ending one. However, some countries stand out because they have some of the most gorgeous-looking women in the world.

This list celebrates countries with a healthy dose of diversity, 16 countries that are home to women with lush hair, strong features and that magic formula that makes someone beautiful.


1. Ethiopia

Women from Ethiopia are well-known for being tall with sharp facial features, especially their cheekbones and jaw lines. Their dark eyes, hair, and skin are simply radiant. The famous model Liya Kebede is from Ethiopia.


2. Brazil

Brazilian women are mostly known for being social, fun, and for a love to travel. Brazil is well-known for its African and Portuguese ancestry, so many of the women there are quite diverse!


Source:Wikimedia Commons

3. Argentina

Argentine women are some of the most beautiful women in the world, with their deep medium complexions, dark eyes, and wavy or curly hair.


Source:Creative Commons

4. Korea

Korean women are well-known for their natural beauty. Their culture brings importance to skin care and natural-looking makeup.

Source:Drama Fever / 2NE1

5. India

India is one of the most populous countries in the world, and its women are downright gorgeous. They are pretty diverse, too. Some Indian women have coarse curly or wavy hair, some have straight hair, some have lighter skin, and some have darker skin.



6. Venezuela

Venezuelan women have won a variety of beauty pageants. They’re a pretty diverse nation, like most countries in the Latin world.


Source:African American – Latino World

7. Italy

Italian women are mostly known for their tan complexions, big eyes, and dark hair.


Source:The CW

8. Trinidad

Trinidadian women are well known for their extreme diversity in terms of look. This is due to the racial mixing on the island.


Source:Go Trinidad And Tobago Tourism

9. Canada

Canada is home to the most diverse city in the world as of 2016. Toronto has some of the most beautiful women in the world from every background.


Source:Instagram / @ShayMitchell

10. United States Of America

American women are also extremely diverse and gorgeous coming from different backgrounds.



11. Australia

This beautiful country has a variety of gorgeous, fun, and loving women.


Source:Creative Commons

12. The United Kingdom

This is yet another diverse country filled with a variety of women who differ from each other in looks and personality. They’re also well-known for their fashion sense and education.


Source:Little Mix

13. Philippines

Women from the Philippines range in skin shade and hair texture, and are well-known for winning beauty pageants.



14. Russia

Russian women are known for their beautiful hair, which is either blonde, brown, or red. They typically have very thick and long hair.



15. Sweden

Swedish women are known for being blonde, tall, and fair-skinned. More importantly, Swedish women are known for being very sweet and well educated.

Source:Wikimedia Commons

16. Iran

Iranian women are fashionable, trendy, and smart. Their skin is a beautiful golden brown color and their hair can be wavy, straight or curly. These women also love exploring the world and are super friendly.

Source:Vice Media

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