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16 Crazy Face Swaps You Will Fall in Love With


We learned how Snapchat works and we’re so in love with it! It’s probably the easiest way to swap faces and do crazy stuff on a daily basis. Face swaps can be true art, but we really need to distinguish the best from the rest. You’ve probably tried swapping faces with your significant other, but have you tried swapping faces with the statue in the park? Join us for a hilarious compilation of swapping faces to start your day. These people have mastered the fun and I’m sure you will agree how silly they are.

1. Who is munching on that spinach now? You gotta love Popeye.


Source: Instagram | @floortjevde

2. This kid has a beautiful young-looking mom!


Source: reddit | cyclopath

3. Swap your face the Egyptian way.

Museums nowadays…


Source: reddit | BrokenDuck15

4. Look at that contrast! A bouncing baby boy and an old man.

How about their facial expressions. So alike!


Source: reddit | AdamWatson_

5. Her dream finally came true! She is now a part of Barbie World.


Source: reddit | ChamboriDri

6. Swapping your face with a doll is not a great idea, after all. It may lead to nightmares…


Source: reddit | catmmm

7. This mannequin is hilarious!


Source: Instagram | @all.hale.breaks.loose

8. It turns out that you can actually learn something about your family from face swaps! Who knew that this would be our future?


Source: Facebook | Alonzo Lerone

9. He found Nemo!


Source: reddit | DetectiveScooby

10. Pets face swaps are always a crazy idea.


Source: reddit | kdwahl

11. What do kids turn into with these swaps?


Source: reddit | Lyzzib

12. When you realize that technology is your devil.


Source: reddit | iTaztelikeyou

13. Face swapping with pets is actually better than it looks.


Source: Imgur | BrittishIce

14. Who would even think of a face swap in this situation?


Source: reddit | Moosemaster21

15. Marilyn Monroe just lost her face…


Source: reddit | professorsoundsilly

16. Here is a perfect face swap! Meticulous!


Source: Imgur | pyth

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