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16 Creative “Whatever, It Works!” Fixes


When you’re struggling to make ends meet, you probably pray something doesn’t get broken around the house. But things break, and necessity is the mother of invention. If you can’t replace the object, you need to find cheap, creative fixes and hope they last… for a while at least. Remember, don’t panic, put on your thinking cap and stick a pill bottle in your car’s headlights to serve as a blinker. As long as it works, it doesn’t really matter and you just can’t argue with the logic and creativity of some of the fixes you will see in this gallery from Diply. For more awesome fixes, check out these geniuses.

1. Waiting for the hot heater to show up isn’t going to give you hot water, folks!

What this person did is quite ingenious. Although I don’t think it’s good for the showerhead.


Source: Reddit | Xplic1T

2. A pickup truck or is it?

If it doesn’t break down when it’s carrying or pulling something heavy, it’s close enough.


Source: Reddit | BolognaPwny

3. Anything seems to work perfectly!

Not sure why this person needs a helmet, but just in case…


Source: Reddit | [deleted]

4. The classic, warm sound of a vinyl record deserves only the “finest” of technology.

I wonder what it sounds like.


Source: Pleated-Jeans

5. It’s good to have some backup when you’re cooking.

How did this never occur to me?


Source: Reddit | [deleted]

6. Yes, that’s a pill bottle on the left…

And some Tupperware on the right. Headlights fixed.


Source: Reddit | negsteri

7. This is clever, but I wouldn’t risk it.

*Zap!* “Someone’s at the door, honey.”


Source: Reddit | UrbanRicecake

8. What was wrong with the grill? Did they need an instant hamburger or something?


Source: The Chive

9. A good way to keep the walls from melting during the summer.


Source: The AC Suit

10. Practical and easy!

Still, this probably isn’t gonna make people less likely to just take traffic cones from road works.


Source: The Chive

11. That doesn’t look safe.

Great choice of color though.


Source: Twitter | @yahoowheels

12. I just hope they find another tap soon…

Isn’t this going to start spraying water everywhere?


Source: Pleated-Jeans

13. The good ole DIY licence plate.

Don’t want to get caught by law enforcement, though.


Source: Reddit | elemenopee7

14. I’m struggling to understand why they did this…

All I know is that we’re living in 2017 and we don’t need these now.


Source: Reddit | frozenbubble

15. Instead of whining that someone ran over your mailbox, do this!

And as long as the garbage collectors don’t dump the mailbox, it’s just fine.


Source: Pleated-Jeans

16. The eternal universal usage of duct tape is extended once again!


Source: The Chive
From: diply

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