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16 Creepy But Surprising Pictures Of Celebrities Posing With Their Younger Selves


Seeing photos of celebrities when they were younger, before their fame, is an interesting activity. But seeing them standing close to their former selves, as in the following Photoshop illustrations is borderline creepy. Here they stand, next to their younger selves, showing time is passing by as quickly as ever. You can see just how much they have changed and evolved. Some have become more beautiful, well, most of them, to be honest.

Enjoy this collection of younger with older selves celebrities.

1. Matthew McConaughey

Don’t you think he hasn’t changed at all? He sill has the same cute smile and dimples, but he did swap his bow tie for a cross and grow out his hair.


2. Christina Aguilera

She still has her mega voice on point, but her appearance has clearly matured. Look at that elegant dress!


3. Keanu Reeves

Reeves proves the Matrix really exists and that he’s been living in it for all these years. Not a joke! He hasn’t changed a bit!


4. Joan Rivers

Joan, who sadly passed away in 2014, was a vocal proponent of plastic surgery. Anyway, she looks beautiful in both of the pictures!


5. Robert Pattinson

He is the same person as ever. But, also, not much time passed by since he first appeared on the screen.


6. Lady Gaga

Similar situation with Lady Gaga, who became famous in 2008. It seems like she hasn’t changed much at all.


7. Leonardo DiCaprio

Leo in 1997 and today. Although he looks so different and has matured into a handsome man,  he still has the cheeky smile going on.


8. Drew Barrymore

Despite the hair change, she looks pretty much the same. You could also say that she appears a bit more solemn.


9. Tom Hanks

Clearly, Tom Hanks hasn’t lost his youthful vitality. He still looks great where older and wiser suits him.


10. Amy Adams

She is another ageless superstar. Amy is incredibly talented and knows the secrets of eternal youth.


11. Justin Timberlake

He will probably never lose his cute baby face. In his younger picture, he looks like a 10-year old in a suit!


12. Beyoncé

Believe it or not, Beyonce actually looks younger today than back in her youth. She is indeed a queen!


13. Sandra Bullock

Can you guess Sandra Bullock’s age in each image? Although she looks pretty similar, there’s actually a 20 year age gap! Sandra in the green dress is 51, whereas Sandra in the red dress is 31!


14. Julia Roberts

Today, she looks like her younger self’s slightly older sister.


15. Justin Bieber

He doesn’t appear any older at all. He is still young, so time will tell what will happen to him…


16. Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep’s elegant face seems to enhance her natural beauty. She is ageing so gracefully!



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