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16 Dollar Store Hacks To Make You An A List Parent


Parents are multitaskers. They need to think about time like no one else. Planning ahead, organising ahead, basically, they need to master the art of speed and efficiency. It’s still hard work, but, luckily, dollar stores made life easier for them. Yeah, I’m not thinking about a pack of candies for your toddler to get through the car trip. It’s about the organisation. Guess what? You can find all of these in the dollar store.

Check out these 16 dollar store hacks that will make being a parent just a little bit easier.

1. Use a pocket organiser in the car.

Strap this baby on the back of your seat and keep all the kid stuff off the floor. Luckily, they won’t ruin it in the first five minutes.

So practical!

Source: Decor-ganize Crafts

2. A dish rack can be used for so much more than drying dishes.

You can keep your kid’s school supplies, or just your regular pens and documents. It will look so organised and neat. Even your kids will love it!

Source: Day by Day Discoveries

3. A plastic soap holder can become the best tiny container.

You can use it for crayons, playing cards or even those little beads that you’re constantly picking up from all over the house. Make sure to get plenty of these from the dollar store!

Source: Shady Tree Diary

4. Here’s a bit of magic you can work on your Tupperware drawer.

Buy those plastic baskets from the dollar store and keep plastic stuff like bottles and plates in order!

Source: Delightful Order

5. Baby leggings are a thing!

Save your money and take a pair of tube socks from the dollar store and make your own pair. Your kid will love them.

Source: Your Baby Days

6. Use a laundry basket for toys at the beach.

Say goodbye to the mess and all that sand with this simple laundry basket! In love with the idea.

Source: The Idea Room

7. A shower caddy makes the perfect fast food tray for the car.

You will have a cleaner and more organised car in a second!

Source: Lookie What I Did

8. Use burner covers for fun.

The dollar store still sells them, and you can easily use them to keep your kids busy for hours!

Source: Dollar Store Crafts

9. Store your ponytail holders orderly.

This craft storage container is just lovely. I finally found the perfect fit!

Source: The Idea Room

10. Be the parent who is on top of it all.

Make yourself a family command center. You won’t need a lot of money, either. And it will look perfect.

Source: Girl Loves Glam

11. Turn plastic trays for popsicles into containers.

They can also be used to organize crayons. And they will look so neat, organised by colour.

Source: KFUNdamentals

12. How to keep your kid entertained on the go.

Get ready for a fun car ride! Yes, a fun one.

Source: No Time For Flash Cards

13. Make a pick-a-prize box — your kids will love it.

It will encourage positive behaviour, to get a small prize when they do something nice. You can find anything at the dollar store.

Source: A Grande Life

14. Don’t buy expensive ice packs.

Because your kids lose stuff all the time, so you can make these instead. Saturate a clean sponge with water, place it into a Ziploc bag, and freeze overnight. In the morning, just toss them into their lunch box. As they melt, the sponge will reabsorb the water, so just toss them back in the freezer after school.

Source: My Kitchen Escapades

15. A travel toothbrush holder is a perfect fit for straws.

It’s always a good idea to have some straws in your car, just in case they forgetwhen buying drinks.

Source: Chica and Jo

16. In an emergency, the last thing you want is to not be able to find something.

Keep your medicine organised. Storage containers are all over the drug store.

Source: Ask Anna
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