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16 Embarrassing Facebook Posts That Are Too Annoying


Some pictures on Facebook just deserve the worst comments, if we were allowed to be a bit harsh. But don’t you wish they added a dislike button for once? Okay, I’m not being rude here, but some pictures are certainly not original and they don’t deserve all those likes. In an ideal world, everyone would be honest on Facebook, but people are dishonest in real life, too, so why bother? Sometimes, just sometimes, these posts might give you a good laugh, if they are not already giving you the greatest annoyance. Have you ever felt embarrassed after posting a picture on Facebook? Well, I don’t know if these people did, but their photos surely are – embarrassing.

Here are a few prime examples of the cringiest things ever posted.

1. Here comes another “stolen picture” comment.

It has become so common to just take Google pictures for granted. And it’s become annoying! Get creative, people!

Ah, the ol' "stolen pic call out" comment.

Source: Reddit | Britt2211

2. Clingy is one thing, but this is just another level of awkwardness.

I don’t think anyone should post a “9-month anniversary” status!

 There's clingy, and then there's super awkward baby-wishing creepiness.

Source: Reddit | seekaterun

3. A “dirty” story about time spent in the back seat of a car.

And, again, why would you post this?!

When someone tells you that they have a dirty story about time spent in the back seat of a car, this probably isn't what you'd expect.

Source: Reddit | 64bitdouche

4. When your selfie is so good that you tag 17 random other people in it…

He has reasons…”Why not?”

 When your selfie is so fire that you tag 17 random other people in it... Wait, what?

Source: Reddit | wafflesd

5. This is just beyond embarrassing.

If she hasn’t always hated you before, she’s about to now.

This is one ballsy, sad, cringey little "boy toy." Try not to barf on this one.

Source: Reddit | grimAuxiliatrixx

6. Ignorance is bliss.

Maybe you should just admit that you wanted attention!

Wow — you gotta love the "oops, I had no idea" excuse.

Source: Reddit | 7dare

7. Why would you quote yourself in the first place? And on Facebook?

Confidence is the key, probably.

"Any person who quotes themselves on the internet is probably just kind of a weirdo" —Myself.

Source: Imgur

8. I think he has failed in the most embarrassing way!

It seems like everyone has these masksnowadays…

I don't know much about hacktivist groups, but I think he might have failed the first test.

Source: Imgur

9. Someone can seriously get sick by just reading this…

Could you possibly stop? I think everyone got it by now. Thanks!

Oh my god — no, just no.

Source: Imgur

10. Looks like the creepiest girlfriend competition to me…

These “lucky” 53 women get to spend the day arguing for love. How sweet!

Oh wow, I wonder who the lucky lady will be on this, the cringiest version of The Bachelor ever made...

Source: Reddit | Buckee

11. Well, you are what you drink!

Mothers. They cannot be trusted on Facebook.

Well, you are what you drink! I guess.

Source: Reddit | WhiteWolfJon

12. It takes seconds to start a creepy conversation after these kinds of posts.

Sometimes, it doesn't take a whole thread to make a cringe post. Sometimes it's real quick!

Source: Reddit | nickharl

13. How can you drink and drive, dude?

Seriously, posting on Facebook, too?

Dude, I don't care what's going on in your life — drinking and driving is NEVER OKAY!

Source: Imgur

14. Looks like dad is in for a good night.

Did you really have to post that so your kids will see it?

Whoooa, looks like dad is in for a good night, huh? ;)

Source: CraveOnline

15. Don’t go on with your lies, please!

Unless you’re Peter Pan, shadows don’t act like that!

Don't be lyin' in your pics, guys. Why you always lyin'?!

Source: Reddit | nastyburger2475

16. Don’t worry, you are perfect!

But your English is terrible…

And I figured we should end on a positive note — you're perfect <3

Source: Reddit | Willbinson

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