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16 Facts To Nourish Your Curious Mind


A curious mind is never a boring mind. These people are almost never bored. They can watch documentaries for hours, and instead of getting a good night’s sleep, they choose reading a science book. The brain needs food just like your body does. For all the brains hungry for information, here are some facts to keep you nourished.

1. Mirrors are slightly green.

You can easily notice this when you look into a “mirror tunnel”.

Source: imgur | creepymusic

2. The artificial sweetener sucralose was discovered by accident

It happened when a test subject thought he was signing up for “taste tests”.

Source: Tumblr | whatshouldwecallme

3. Playtex designed the spacesuits worn by the Apollo astronauts.

The aerospace companies spent years trying come up with a workable design. Playtex’s winning design was ready in just six weeks.

Source: imgur | Scissormytimbers

4. To make a pound of honey, bees need to visit more than two million flowers and fly around 50,000 miles.

Bees are adventurous species!


5. In Britain, you can’t get food poisoning from eating chicken.

This actually refers to getting salmonella. They’ve vaccinated their chickens against the bacteria.

Source: reddit | FMLPanda123

6. Many people either died or left Ireland during the Great Irish Famine that its population still hasn’t recovered more than 150 years later.

The population isn’t expected to go back up to that level until 2046.

Source: flickr | autumnal fires

7. Nobody remembers being born because the brain can’t form long-term memories at that point.

Babies that young don’t have a sense of self yet, either. Most people have no memories from before they are two years old. Some, however, form memories as early as five months.

I guess the baby can stay

Source: imgur | holdenwook

8. The pink corner of your eye, the plica semilunaris, comes from a point in our evolutionary development when we had inner eyelids like birds and reptiles.

Source: Home Health Articles

9. Disney produced a propaganda film in World War II

The film had Donald Duck dressed in a Nazi uniform.

Source: YouTube | Solarer111

10. The platypus lays eggs and produces milk.

This basically means it can make its own custard.

Source: imgur | pimpampoum

11. The Soviet Union had to cancel history exams for 53 million students in 1988.

Premier Gorbachev’s reforms uncovered so many lies from the Stalin era. That’s why experts had trouble figuring out “what was correct, what was fantasy, and what was a cover-up of crimes in the material taught to Soviet students.”

Source: flickr | Z is for Zane

12. President Thomas Jefferson kept a flock of sheep on the White House lawn.

The Shetland ram attacked people trying to cross the square, and eventually killed a boy.

Source: flickr | AngusInShetland

13. Electric cars are nothing new because they actually pre-date the Ford Model T.

By 1900, one-third of all cars on the road were electric. Cars were so different back then! Nowadays, there are many cars to choose from, even some that you might like specifically.

Source: flickr | GE Reports

14. The t-shirt was invented for bachelors so they wouldn’t have to worry about sewing buttons back on.

They quickly became popular. The U.S. Navy ordered their men to wear the buttonless shirts the following year.

Source: American Digest

15. Without muscles, the human face would be terrifying.

Source: imgur | manclad

16. Smaller animals experience time differently than we do.

Larger animals seem like they are in slow motion to tiny animals.

Source: reddit | vinkulelu
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