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16 Facts About Twilight That You Probably Didn’t Know


Do you remember the most romantic teenage vampire story of this century? Of course, you do. It seems like yesterday that we were so eager for the next part of our favorite vampire saga to come out. If you are one of the rare people who still hasn’t seen the movie, it revolves around high school student, Bella, who falls madly in love with the mysterious vampire, Edward. Bella was played by Kristen Steward, while Edward was played by Robert Pattinson. It was a love triangle between those two and Jacob, who was played by the actor Taylor Lautner. Who did you want to end up with Bella? All we know is that a teenage girl risks a lot when she falls in love with a vampire.

Can you believe, next year Twilight is celebrating a decade since its first release on November 21, 2008.

Here are some refreshers, plus a few that you probably didn’t even know before, complied by Dipley.

1.  The director asked the actors for a proof of their Native American heritage

Christ Waitz, the New Moon director wanted the movie to be as authentic as possible. He didn’t conform to the usual Hollywood rules for a successful movie.

source:Twilight Saga Wiki

2.  The famous heart-breaker is the composer of Bella’s lullaby

Robert Pattinson himself composed and played the Twilight soundtrack, “Bella’s Lullaby”. Who knew he was musically gifted too? Handsome and talented, with him you get the whole package.

source:Crepusculo Wikia

3. Taylor Lautner was completely oblivious as to what the movie was about

The handsome Taylor didn’t have the slightest idea of what Twilight was when he auditioned for the role. He was askedand the only answer he got was – ‘There are vampires and you are in the forest’.

Sure, why not?

source:Twilight Saga Wiki

4. Stephanie Meyer got the inspiration for the movie in a dream

The writer of the Twilight Saga had an enigmatic dream that inspired her to write the story. Apparently, her dream was really vivid and realistic. In it, she saw a girl and a sparky boy sitting in a field having quite a momentous conversation. Nothing like your subconscious telling you the best writing ideas.


5. The writer is a fan of Jacob

Mayer admits that even though Edward was the one the audience choose to be with Bella, she wanted her to end up with Jackob. She says that Edward is too cold and menacing for her taste.

source:Twilight Saga Wiki

6. Bella lived in the same town Stephanie Meyer did

Maybe the story is based on the writer’s own life. Just without the handsome vampires with a mysterious look part.

source:I Am Not A Stalker

7. Taylor was spent all of his days in the gym for the second film of the franchise, New Moon

The movie production people weren’t so sure that Taylor would deliver on his promise to get ripped for his role as Jacob.
Oh, he sure did. He gained an unbelievable 30 pounds of muscle for his reprise of the role of Jacob Black!

source:Jill’s World

8. The song Flightless Bird, American Mouth meant a lot to Bella and Edward.

It’s every girl’s dream to marry her high-school sweetheart. Just imagine how romantic it would be if the same song that you danced to at your prom, was the song for your first dance as a couple, at your wedding. For Bella and Edward that was a reality.

source:Twilight Saga Wiki

9. Robert was not allowed to fall in love with at the time, underaged Kristen Stewart

The director, Catherine Hardwicke warned Robert not to fall in love with Kristen. She said to him: She’s underage. You’ve got to focus, dude, or you’re going to be arrested. I made him swear on a stack of Bibles”

That didn’t stop him though.


10. Stephanie Meyer made two cameos throughout the series

You probably didn’t notice that Stephanie Meyer was in the movie, twice! In Twilight she played a woman using a laptop and in Breaking Dawn she was a guest at the wedding. She couldn’t resist not to be a part of the phenomenon.

source:Tumblr | Background Artists of the Cinema

11. The chemistry between Robert and Kristen was sudden and electrifying

There was no point in auditioning other actors, Robert was the one.


12. Bella’s prom dress cost just $20!

Bella is an unpretentious girl. She wouldn’t waste hundreds of dollars for a dress she would only wear once. If you ask me that’s a pretty smart decision.


13. Before Robert got the role, he was asked to practice an intimate love scene with Kristen

Being in the last four final contestants Robert had to practice a love scene with Kristen. Well, they had to see if they had chemistry for the roles. No doubt they did.

source:Twilight Saga Wiki

14. Vanessa Hudgens auditioned for the role of Leah Clearwater in New Moon

Vanessa would have almost been a part of the wolf pack. That would have been so cool, if Julia Jones had not won the competition for the role instead.

source:Twilight Wiki

15. Robert was very anxious about taking his shirt off during the auditions

He even shed a tear during the process. But why, he’s got nothing to worry about that body is gorgeous.

source:YouTube | ClevverTV

16. Nikki Reed had to wear a wig for the second movie

Due to dying complications, this poor girl’s hair fell out.  She had to bleach her skin and her hair so after the damage she wore a wig for the role in New Moon.

source:Twilight Saga Wiki
Source: diply

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