16 Super Funny Memes That Speak A Lot Of Truth

16 Super Funny Memes That Speak A Lot Of Truth


You know the saying ‘It’s funny cause it’s true’? Well, here we have a case of just that. Diply dumped a big ol’ batch of memes that speak nothing but the truth. Think you can handle the truth?! Let’s see how tough your belly muscles are because that’s where the funny hits the most.

1. My number one gripe.

Excuse me. Excuuuuusee me. Excuse me…? EXCUSE ME! Yeah, that’s what I sound like when I try to walk on a street. Every. Day.


Source: Instagram | @ball

2. A common cause of death, really.

You better pick your next move very carefully, my friend. Or start packing. Better start packing or disappear for a while. Just lay low, a’ight?


Source: Imgur | DrJackBright

3. Exactly.

If your desk chair doesn’t double as a closet/wardrobe/storage, do you even really have a desk chair? It’s too handy not to!


Source: Instagram | @mrlatinalover

4. You might not even realize you’ve done this, but you have. Many times.

It’s just natural for me to be curious. And I’m human. So this is true of all of you too. Don’t make a face… Wait, hear that voice? DAMN. Who, where?!


Source: Instagram | @humor_me_pink

5. The struggle is real.

Okay, avocados, make up your mind! I didn’t overpay these things just to have them turn instantly into a dumpster pile. What gives?!


Source: Instagram | @betches

6. We all know that teacher.

They are some of the most patient people on the planet. Although, chances are they’re dying inside.


Source: Imgur | SithRuleOfTwo

7. Another troubling issue plaguing milennials everywhere.

This is a real problem for me — if nothing’s playing on the screen, I just might just starve to death. Ffffooooooddd…


Source: Twitter | @freddyamazin

8. How do you make a call, actually?

Next time, just text me and we’ll figure this out in 5 hours. Have a little patience man.


Source: Twitter | @TreceDre

9. There is nothing more foreign or strange than another person’s bathroom setup.

Turn it to the blue and it comes out hot as Hell. Put it in the middle? Cold as my ex-girlfriend’s heart. Turn it in-between and congratulations – you’re friendzoned. You just can’t win!


Source: Instagram | @beigecardigan

10. No one likes hearing the sound of their own voice.

Except Billy West. I met him once and I’m sure he’s pretty used to it.


Source: Instagram | @walkie3000

11. You’ve got to help your friends, sure, but DISCLAIMER!

Hittin’ someone with that “idk, tho” is like insurance for your friendship. Better safe than blamed for everything. The best friendship insurance policy right there.


Source: Reddit | ascmlaopm

12. We know, we’ve screamed like that too.

How many times have you actually laughed out loud when you typed “lol”? No one’s laughing that often. Right? Or is it just… me? Right? Please say I’m right. I’M SCREAMING.


Source: Twitter | @GANBASHINY

13. When “nice guys” come out of their shell.

Rejection is a part of life, my dudes. They don’t hand out participation badges for dating. Just relax and take it easy. Easy like Sunday morning.


Source: Instagram

14. Ah, now if you pull this off, you the real MVP.

Pro tip: Put way more time on the microwave than you need so you can get that pause just right. No one wants to hear that annoying ting-ting-ding-beep in the middle of the night.


Source: Twitter | @YumnaMustafaH

15. Bro, do you even garlic?

Sometimes I look at a recipe and think a friggin’ vampire must have written this thing! I like my foods offensively filled with garlic, but that could just be me. And everyone else could be a vampire. Which is why I need all that garlic man!


Source: Twitter | @wrackune

16. Me, exercising.

I really need a life — or at least more friends — so I can get a good routine going! Ha, ha, haaa.


Source: Twitter | @factsonfemales


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