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Here Are 16 Funny Photos That Will Fill Your Day With Laughter


Have you had your daily dosage of laughter? Have you gone to the “search” bar already in order to find something that will make you “meh” and dull day better? Well, you are in the right place.

Embrace this gallery of hilarious pictures that will definitely manage to make you laugh, courtesy of Diply.

1. Those moments when you rush to conclude that what is in front of your eyes might be a good thing…

…before realizing it is everything but. However, the face we do is priceless.


Instagram | @grapejuiceboys

2. And a question pops up. Isn’t it ironic that the name of the person who posted this is buttholes?

And when something happens to you many times you do nothing. Actually, you do the same old thing.


Instagram | @bill_wi_the_festive_fi

3. But, you are the only one, probably

The dog’s face tho. Adorable. “Just admit it, I have heard you saying it”


Instagram | @grapejuiceboys

4. Well, the Polaroid is definitely not for nudes

There is no turning back at this point.


Instagram | @queen.of.memes

5. When 99 problems inspire you to call your store 99 cents power.

Once you enter the store, surprise. But, maybe only one product is labeled with that price. Power.


Reddit | Billith

6. Keep reading, it gets creepy at the end


Reddit | outatyme85

7. Isn’t he a genius?

Things we’d do for love… whoops, I meant for fun.


Instagram | @will_ent

8. Do you solemnly swear that you will bark the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

This is hilarious. The dog’s face is saying everything.


Tumblr | seifukucaat

9. Poor little baby

But since it happened you can’t just throw it away.


Twitter | @BrendanMelody

10. Isn’t this dog simply adorable?

It just sits there kindly and patiently, respecting its other animal fellas. Stuffed.


Imgur | DesigningOblivion

11. Blame it on the government. It is always easier.

Now, when you see that baby pigeon you know what to do.



12. That’s a very valuable present for the baby

The picture explains the meaning of life.


Instagram | @will_ent

13. Oh, well I did, too. Can I have one?

If the Dragon Balls grant wishes this is worth it.



14. That’s the right response to the problem


Imgur | Matsusp12

15. The bin’s face behind her is charming. And creepy.


Instagram | @wot_u_sayin_tho

16. Unicorn in a suit and high heels is one quick way to celebrate properly


Source: Diply

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