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16 Genius Travel Hacks For Your Next Trip


You have probably found yourself in a situation when you wish to skip the packing and just magically show at the desired destination. If only you had an assistant packing you and unpacking you. It would be perfect because you simply love traveling. But, packing can sometimes be dull and boring. Sometimes you over-pack, and sometimes you could definitely use more clothes. However, every single time you forget something. It’s just how it goes.

But don’t worry. Here is a very helpful list of hacks compiled by Diply, that will make traveling easier for you.

1. Use contact lens cases as a container for makeup and skincare.

Let’s see. You always need concealer, foundation, eye cream, night cream, moisturizer and what not. And all of those big containers are the worst enemy of traveling – taking up so much space. Just use lens cases. The are the perfect magical space saver!


Trip Savvy | Good Housekeeping

2. Put cotton pads and cotton balls in makeup to prevent them from breaking.

How many times have you broken your bronzer while traveling? Not anymore. This can be a real lifesaver for your make up.

Her Packing List

3. Roll clothes to save a ton of suitcase space.

This is probably not the first time you read this one but maybe you haven’t tried it yet. Believe it and try it. You’ll be amazed by the fact that you can fit so much more clothes like this in a small suitcase.

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4. Transform road trip fast-food runs with a simple shower caddy.

This one is truly amazing. You can find these cheap shower caddies at the dollar store.


5. Wrap your shoes in plastic wrap or pack them in shower caps.

You don’t like your dirty shoes touching your clean and ironed clothes. Even worse if you decided to bring some food with you. Now you know what to do.

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6. Bring your own airplane snacks.

There are snacks and other foods that are allowed on a plane. Instead of spending a ton of money, next time do some research and bring your favorite snacks with you.


7. You can use an old tic-tac container to store bobby pins.

Next time you enjoy your favorite tic-tac candies don’t throw away the small container. It can be used as a storage for all those tiny bobby pins. That’s how you won’t lose them all.

Rachel Schultz

8. Use old pill container to sort earrings and necklaces.

Say goodbye to the process of untangling everything. Not only is this container portable but it keeps all of your earrings and necklaces separated.


9. Bring a couple of portable phone chargers wherever you go.

You probably remember all of those times your phone died when you most needed it. And a charger is nowhere to be found. Take a portable charger whenever you go and don’t worry about your phone dying in an unknown area.


10. Bring a reusable bottle to the airport

This not only saves you money but saves the environment too. You can fill the bottle up once you pass the security at the airport.


Instagram | @swellbottle

11. Use an old sunglasses case to store chargers, cords, and headphones.

How genius is this. Say good bye to that small cord ball of a mess you always have when traveling. They will be perfectly packed and you won’t have to untangle them all the time. Plus it prevents them from damage.


12. Wear those clunky, heavy shoes on the plane.

Why? You might ask. Well, it saves a lot of suitcase space. You might wanna change them later but wear them on the plane so you can save some space.

Dr. Martens

13. Cover a disposable razor blade with a binder clip.

Pretty clever, right?  After this, you won’t have to worry about the razor cutting something from your suitcase, or your fingers of course.


14. Place a dryer sheet in your suitcase to keep clothes smelling fresh.

With this simple, hack you will prevent that smell of an old suitcase or stinky shoes attaching to your fresh and clean clothes.

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15. No TV on your flight

Such a bummer. But don’t worry.  Simply place your phone in a plastic bag and clip it onto the tray table. And, voila you have your small TV to enjoy during your flight.


YouTube | DaveHax

16. Wear a blanket scarf on a plane, if you are going to a cold place.

Now it’s a blanket, now it’s a scarf. Think about it. You can use it as a scarf, but also as a blanket on the plane.

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Don’t forget to share some of your go-to travel hacks.

source: diply

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