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16 Guy Fashion Trends That Girls Hate


While fashion trends change with the speed of sound, there are some things that will never go away. LBR, a girl can be fussy about the type of guys that she likes, and the way the guy dresses is probably on that list.

Well, if you’re trying to win a girl’s heart, I would suggest not doing any of these 16 things.

It used to be the mullet, the ring and the bared chest hair. But the ’80s are long gone, people.

Here are some of the men’s fashion trends that most women just can’t stand.

1. Deep V-necks

To help you understand when a V-neck is deep, here’s an easier way of putting it.

If the V-neck starts showing cleavage, that’s when it gets bad. Avoid these, guys.

16 Guy Trends Girls Hate 1

2. Murse

This is just not right. Remember Joey and The Bag? That.


3. Mountain man beards

Even though these are quite good at getting the ladies’ hormones dancing, they have been taken a bit too far recently. The mountain men version looks like you’ve been stuck in Jumanji for some time.

16 Guy Trends Girls Hate 3


4. Speedos

Speedos have been a point of ridicule for years and years, and for some reason, they’re making a comeback now.

For the same reason they’ve always been bad—that is the unfortunate bunching of certain bits—they should be thrown out forever.


5. Short shorts

I mean, is there anything else I need to say here? Like, on how many levels of wrong is this?


6. Flip-flops

If there’s anything in this world that makes me mad, it’s guys that combine jeans with flip-flops. I don’t care how comfortable they may be, it just looks awful. It doesn’t help that this particular person’s armpits seem to have soiled themselves.

7. Camo

The camo style has been around for a while, and it seems to be making a huge comeback. Bet you a good dollar that if you walk into your local Pull&Bear right now, you’d see quite a few camo decorated things. But, unfortunately, it’s not as flattering as you might think.


8. Uggs

Uggs are a good idea. They’re cute, they come in a variety of colors and they keep you warm during the winter. They’re primarily worn by girls, and people hate them even on them. Guys are just… Not a good Ugg target audience.

16 Guy Trends Girls Hate 8

9. Drop-crotch pants:

The weird combination of clown pants and skinny jeans here (once you see it, it cannot be unseen) is definitely not a good design philosophy.


10. Skinny jeans

There’s nothing wrong with slim fit jeans, but if your jeans are so slim you can actually see your blood flowing through your thighs clearly, then we’re in trouble.


11. Wife beaters

Most commonly known among guys who are trying to show off how tough they are, but these items are becoming increasingly more socially unacceptable.


12. Plaid

It’s not that having a few plaid shirts is a bad thing, and most men look great in a nice pattern. But when 95% of your wardrobe could be shared with a lumberjack it’s just a little much.


Source:Pacific Coast News Online

13. Waist-tied shirts

While waist-tied shirts don’t look bad on girls, especially if they’re plaid and red, and the girl is wearing shorts, they just don’t look right on a guy.



14. Vests

You shouldn’t wear a vest unless you’re in a tailored suit or on your way to a wedding. If you wear a black vest over a white tee, that’s just simply not a good look.


15. White socks

Whether you’re dressed in a nice suit or the newest kicks, white tube socks are a thing of the past. Who knows if they were a thing ever. Add a nice pattern to your feet and feel good about even the smallest part of your wardrobe.


16. Graphic tees

The graphic tee is starting to look just a tad bit tired. You may just want to rethink your wardrobe if you have more than one “Keep Calm” shirts.



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