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These 16 Crafty Hacks Prove Moms Are Super Heroines


The moment a woman becomes a mother, she also becomes a superheroine. I’m not talking about protecting your kid from scary monsters, but simply doing stuff for the kid. Even when you think it will be the most boring day, moms will turn it into the funniest one. Remember when your mom would turn the volume up and you danced till your last breath? Well, she was also making sure you that you didn’t hear the drill next door that scared you so much!

These photos prove that moms are the best inventors.


1. When your kid is scared of noise, put the headphones on!

2. Before they realize they are taking medicine, they will have eaten all the candies.

How we do ear infections + amoxicillin in this house, it’s a candy medicine party🎉 🎉🎉 #momhack #momlife

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3. Learning with legos is always fun!

4. Car seat sleeping can get bumpy, but not with this mother hack!

5. The perfect way to store toys. You’ll never lose them.

6. Turn your muffin tin into veggie plates for the veggies that are not a favorite for your kids.

7.  Finally, the perfect way to store bananas!

8. Meal prepping for your baby never sounded so much fun! Use ice cube trays to achieve it.

9. When you can’t find all the handles, there is always a plan B.

10. Pill organizers can be snack storage for a fun game with stickers. Your kids will love it!

11. Stains will be soon forgotten.

12. What a cute way to discipline your kids in the store!

13. This will make watermelons even more delicious to eat.

My new favorite way to cut #watermelon! #squirmywormy #momhack

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14. We all get lazy sometimes.

#babyhack #momhack #lazymom

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15. This one is not my favorite but works well from time to time.

16. When mommy had a bad day and needed a good laugh.


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