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16 Hairstyling Hacks That Will Save You Money And Time


When you see someone sporting an amazing hairdo, doesn’t it make you wonder what magic hairstylists use to make it look like that? No, don’t jump to the phone for an appointment just yet, because the internet is gonna take good care of you.

There are hacks for good hair, you know?

1. Make those curls long-lasting!


When you start curling your hair, start from halfway up.

2. Design shapes with your bobby pins


Who said bobby pins need to be hidden? You can always make some cool shapes out of them.

3. Here’s the secret information about types of brushes and what they can do.


Now you can go to the store and buy something you particularly need.

4. Here is the right way to use bobby pins.


You know you’ve used them wrong all your life.

5. The secret way to clean your hair brush.


The secret is in either using scissors, a pen, or shampooing your brush. Just like you do to your hair.

6. How to get a more voluminous ponytail


You need to separate your ponytail into two pieces, and then clip the top part. Next, tease the bottom half and you’ll have a fuller ponytail.

7. How to have a longer ponytail


You don’t need extensions to achieve this. What you’ll need to do is part your hair in two parts and make two ponytails. They will be one on top of the other and there you go – longer ponytails!

8. How to tame flyaways


Use a toothbrush or put hairspray to tame them in a second!

9. How to have fresh bangs


This trick will save your time. Wash only your bangs, not your whole hair. So easy, right?

10. How to make a braided hair headband


First, braid your bangs. Next, tuck them behind your ear, and use bobby pins to secure your hair.

11. How to make a twisted hair headband


Repeat the above-mentioned steps, but instead of braiding your hair, twist the bangs.

12. How to make half-braided bangs


First, braid your bangs halfway. Then, secure them behind your ears. Finallly, pull your hair halfway over them.

13. How to make a low ponytail


Divide and section your hair in three parts. A part will be for a ponytail and the rest to frame your face. Then, fold the two framing parts under the ponytail and use bobby pins.

Here are the steps:


14. How to make beach waves


You only need to put texture cream into the hair. Then, scrunch it up and you will have a beach look!

15. How to prevent frizz


Instead of ruffling your hair, just pat it dry.

16. The usage of spiral bobby pins.


Use these for some extra hold. Your hair will be grateful!


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