16 Hilarious Clothing Labels That Have Funny Messages

A label on clothes? They still have those? Admit it, you rarely really check the label on clothes after you buy them. Of course, there are washing instructions on them, but how are you supposed to know the meaning of all those tiny symbols?
However, some companies get cheeky and decide to have some fun with the tag, by filling them with some hilarious messages. Scroll down to read some of them, courtesy of Diply. And, from now on you might want to start checking the labels.

1. This tag is full of wisdom

Don’t take off your shirt never since there is no place on Earth that is that hot. And, there is no other reason to take it off.


Source: Tumblr | comediva

2. This label will definitely manage to surprise and maybe make you blush.

This escalated quickly. Straight to the point. There is no need to waste time for coffee or movies.


Source: Reddit | mebuddha

3. The labels becoming daring people.

Since it can talk, you might as well have a conversation.


Source: The Chive

4. And, then there are some smart, really smart labels that are there to teach you a lesson or two

So, that is what you are supposed to do? Well, some maybe didn’t really know.


Source: Imgur | MeridiusGaiusScipio

5. There are some labels that you might want to rip off.

But, first, think about the smallest piece of fabric that you will leave behind that will scratch the back of your neck forever.


Source: Imgur

6. It seems like the person who made this has fallen asleep and mixed a bunch of different labels together.

However, they all apply.


Source: Imgur

7. If you have missed the class for the washing machine rules.

This sums it up.


Source: Imgur | FauxMasterChief

8. First of all, who is slapping pandas so much that it needs to be addressed?

However, we are glad that this company is taking a stand against panda-slappers.


Source: Imgur | somethingwithanne

9. When the list of ‘Don’ts’ includes this.

Maybe this article of clothing was made out of Gremlins


Source: Imgur | lunescence

10. Some labels are there to give you the best advice.

Do not strip down in public.


Source: Imgur

11. The hide-and-seek label. Well done.

Let’s try to find them all!


Source: Reddit | wii_cheats

12. The 100% Christmas label/card

I’m definitely on board with the drinking and eating instructions.


Source: Imgur

13. You would wear it, wouldn’t you?

And if your first date doesn’t go well, take out the scissors and you know what to do.


Source: Abduzeedo

14. There are perks to being a tiny human, too.


Source: Imgur | FauxMasterChief

15. Truer words have never been spoken.

The mothers know best. They are masters at deciphering these tiny symbols.


Source: Pinterest | Hille Ha

16. Someone finally included the instructions to step out of the clothing before you wash it.

Now we know. Not that it is a problem, but the child might get too clean.


Source: Tumblr | moonsetta
From: diply