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16 Simple Yet Ingenious Inventions From Japan


You can learn a lot from Japanese culture, and that does not only refer to discipline and dedication. We know that the Japanese have their special secrets, but what they share with the world has the capacity to change our lives for the better. Be careful now, because you’re about to get a serious case of Japan Envy. Here are some of the most awesome Japanese inventions.

1. In Japan, exercise is for free.

If you want to keep healthy and fit, but you are broke, you can join public exercise classes. You can find these in public parks, schoolyards, or inside offices. It’s certainly a great idea to think about.


2. Public transport maps are color-coordinated with numbers and descriptions.

This is an excellent way for people who travel but don’t understand Japanese. They wouldn’t need to translate and study the map. Tourists are considered in design!


3. There is a mini post office.

On a busy day, going to the post office can ake you late. Thankfully, Japan has created mini post offices which allow you to mail your packages and letters right at the grocery store.


4. Japan has sealed cups of ice available for purchase.

Japan loves vending machines, but this is just another level. Just in case you want to make an iced coffee, you can always buy a sealed cup of ice on the go.


5. Japan has a lot of free-to-use hot water dispensers.

This is great for hungry people who are buying instant noodle bowls! They can enjoy their bowl before even getting home.


6. There are a lot of walking and jogging paths set up adjacent to public parks.

There is almost no chance of being knocked over by someone jogging while having a walk in the park.


7. Japan is selling hard-boiled eggs.

Who doesn’t love a hard-boiled egg? How about not dealing with the boiling part, but just buying a hard-boiled one? Well, you can do this while in Japan.


8. A sink built into the tank of a toilet.

The ingenious way to save water.


9. Romantic restaurant meals from vending machines.

In Japan, you can have a romantic restaurant meal from a vending machine, which means you can take your meal home to eat in front of the TV.


10. Bikes with built-in umbrella holders.

Stay fit and save the planet. Ride a bike on a rainy day and don’t ever get wet!


11. Communal baths (sentos)

Communal baths (known as sentos in Japan) are a great way to relax after a long and stressful day at the office. They are exceptionally popular and a ticket to a sentos often costs less than the price of a single drink out at a bar.


12. Butter graters are a real thing!

Yes! You can grate a block of butter for your toast in Japan.


13. Unusual umbrella holders.

These umbrella holders offer free umbrellas for people to use in case of unexpected rain. Just grab an umbrella when you need one, and put it back when you’re done!


14. Automated bike parking garage

Yes, they do have these in Japan, and it will keep your bike safe from anything, or anyone.


15. A solution for hot weather.

You simply spray it on your arm, wrist, neck, or any other place that’s overheated and it feels like you’re applying an ice pack!


16. You get all the sauce from the package.

These little packages open when cracked in the middle, which menas that you get every last drop of sauce without getting it all over your clothes.



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