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16 Jokes About Kids’ Movies Are Funnier Than They Seem


Have you ever watched a kid’s movie and realized it’s full of great humor? If you are a fan of kids movies, like me, you are probably following the Twitter joke world. Those meant for the children’s movies are both unusual and hilarious. Plus, they say a lot about these movies that you probably missed on screen! Here are some jokes aimed at kids’ movies, collected by Diply.


1. This joke about The Lion King is too good.

Have you ever recreated the iconic scene in this Disney classic where Rafiki presents Simba at Pride Rock? Hilarious!


Source: Twitter | @rhysjamesy

2. This Ratatouille correction that we completely forgot about.

Did you also forget that the rat is actually named Remy? This reminds me of pointing out that Frankenstein is the doctor, and not the monster.


Source: Twitter | @knguyen

3. This joke that only a true Ice Age fan will understand.

Somebody really needs to help Scrat hold on to his acorn.


Source: Imgur | Buglessdr013

4. This Tumblr user is just fed up with the obvious thing in The Parent Trap.

You have the same face, haven’t you noticed yet?


Source: Tumblr | anovelimagination

5. Opinions about the two most famous rodents in the movie industry.

Don’t even get me started on the name of the mouse!


Source: Twitter | @bullyb170

6. This series of Peter Pan puns will make your day!


Source: Comedy Central

7. This Finding Nemo joke will leave you with a stomachache.

When a fish is looking so angry it’s even hilarious.


Source: Twitter | @KilliamTrill

8. This tweet about Belle from Beauty and the Beast has a good point.

Point that out to Emma, please!



Source: Twitter | @MaraWilson

9. This Bee Movie joke about political figures.


Source: Twitter | @nickdenbow11

10. This description of the pitch meeting for 101 Dalmatians that is so accurate.

Not far from the truth, probably! Because, who would bother to watch a movie with 100 dalmatians?


Source: Twitter | @Ristolable

11. This insight into Bruce Wayne’s thought process that you probably never thought about.

So honest!


Source: Twitter | @RealLucasNeff

12. Are you in for the next Spider-Man rewrite?

They do have a point!


Source: Twitter | @pixelatedboat

13. The person noticed that Winnie the Pooh is tougher than we thought!

Isn’t this scene super terrifying? Poor Winnie!


Source: MoviePilot

14. This Spy Kids cameo you probably didn’t notice.

Also, the movie saw a super young Gomezna Gomze, in case you didn’t notice.


Source: Memes

15. The awesome reason for watching Sky High.

Have you watched the movie yet?


Source: Pinterest | Annabelle McCoy

16. There is always that person who will take them too seriously. Like this one, taking Shark Tale way too seriously.

It’s not that dramatic!


Source: Pinterest | Greta Cross
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