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16 Kids Who Picked The Wrong Outfit


They say that your outfit reveals a lot about your personality. Different people have different styles. While some would rock a leather jacket on a sunny day, some choose to dress up every single day. They also say that the outfit does not define the person’s character, so we are getting confused a little bit here. These people, whose t-shirts are obviously saying some bold stuff, are surely defined by their outfits. But the pictures that follow below are seemingly different. Remember your school pictures? Or your family ones where you had to smile until your jaw froze? These kids surely got the wrong outfit to be in. Their t-shirts are outrageous, but hilarious to say the least.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, school picture day pictures might be worth even more. These perfectly planned school photos are for sure worth at least a few thousand.

1. Why on earth would you wear a t-shirt that reads ‘Fart’ on the front?

Looks satisfied, though. So, it’s okay.


2. Remember these cute pleated sweaters that went all over your neck?

Cute or too much?


3. His looks say how he feels about this t-shirt. Or this day.

I imagine the photographer was telling him to look straight into the camera. For 10 minutes. He probably got eyestrain!


4. This is what you call a blend-in with the background.

And the photographers hate it.


5. Okay. This little guy probably has no idea of that t-shirt and what it says.

You can’t really blame him, can you?


6. He looks cute, but oh, his glasses and t-shirt…so awkwardly innocent.


7. They call you ‘nasty’?

Why does the whole world have to know about it?


8. Posing is important.


9. That look. That smile…


10. All shapes, all places, all times…


11. Such an innocent girl…Ah, wait…


12. Honesty


13. Someone is not so thrilled about this photo shoot.


14. The road to failure.


15. Could you think of a more creative outfit?


16. Innocence gone.



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