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These 16 Kids Slayed Their Halloween Costumes


Kids of all ages can have endless fun on Halloween. All of that candy, dressing up in adorable costumes, going trick-or-treating… It’s like being in a cartoon for them. Children stay up late and dress as their favorite superhero or princess, or even as Groot from the Guardians of the Galaxy. All that new pop-culture references to cover, right? And let’s not forget that it’s a time for those adults who still feel like kids to shine with their creativity.

Here is a list of some kids who slayed their Halloween costumes, compiled by Diply.

1. Russell and Carl from Up 

Let the adventures begin!

These kids could not have looked more adorable dressed as the iconic due from the animated movie Up.


Source: Reddit | jusxcrow

2. I am Groot

This baby Groot looks like he is growing from a marshmallow, and that’s totally okay.


Source: Imgur | emhyper

3.That is the most adorable sushi roll

This girl has some creative parents, and if that’s costume is hand-made we couldn’t be more impressed.


Source: Reddit | warmwhiskey

4. Cruella de Vil

Look at this girl’s hair. And, even her eyebrows! That’s some dedication to the holiday.

The little dalmatian is not very happy, and that is completely understandable considering what is happening in the movie.


Source: Imgur | Drek258

5. Hello little guy porcupine.

Just be careful getting close to those sponge quills.


Source: Imgur | Bmanroger

6. Little red riding hood

That dog is taking his role of the wolf disguised as Grandma pretty seriously. He is completely in character.

What a duo!


Source: Reddit | [deleted]

7. Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia

These parents made their daughter’s wheelchair look like a land speeder from Star Wars. And her brother is right by her side.

It’s a win for The Light Side!


Source: Imgur | xZora

8. Weeping Angel from Doctor Who

This costume is pretty impressive. The girl has probably never seen an episode with the angels in it, because they are scary.


Source: Imgur | CharlyGiordano

9.  Calvin and Hobbes

This sweet guy will make your heart melt!


Source: Reddit | Nerdyartist

10. Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII

Someone loves history. Pretty sure it’s their parents. But the kids are definitely pulling this creepy costume off.


Source: Imgur | monkeygruven

11. Awesome little old ladies

All they are missing is some Sanka and a deck of cards for their Bridge game.


Source: Imgur | Redditor856

12. Who wants Chipotle?

It’s a baby wrapped in a golden blanket, as a burrito. Oh, come one how adorable is this.


Source: Reddit

13. When Harry met Lloyd

Harry is not so sure about this scene, but Lloyd is having  the time of her life.


Source: Reddit | patw85

14. A purrfect costume

This girl clearly enjoys being a cute cat lady.


Source: Imgur | barbmalley

15. Kip from Napoleon Dynamite

What an original idea. He is rocking those glasses!


Source: Imgur | tjp3991

16. R2D2

A lot of parents seem to love Star Wars. But, these is the most adorable R2D2 you’ll ever see. Plus, it perfectly warm in that costume. Win-Win.


Source: Reddit | [deleted]
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