16 Leonardo Dicaprio Movie Mistakes That You Haven’t Noticed


You probably know at least 10 of Leonardo DiCaprio’s movies by heart, because, so do we.

We love Leo because he’s such a great actor, and we cannot even concieve the idea of him being in a bad movie.

However, even good movies can have mistakes in them, and that goes even for good movies that have Leonardo Dicaprio in them.

1. Titanic: He couldn’t decide whether to leave the suspenders on, or off.

Source:via Movie mistakes

2. Inception: The totem can’t make up its mind!

Source:via Movie Mistakes

3. Shutter Island:Which page was it again?

Source:via Movie Mistakes

4. The Great Gatsby: So far away, yet so close.

Like they say, keep your enemies close.

Source:via Movie mistakes

5. The Aviator: Which one is it? Broken, or not?

Source:via Movie Mistakes

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