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16 Of The Most Obvious Liars On The Internet


Liars are everywhere around the internet, that’s true. They like to tell us stuff that’s on another level of ridiculous, most of them failing to realize that we can see that they are lying. Here is a list of people who you can clearly see are lying through their teeth… or should that be computer screen…

1. “But I just don’t see it” Gee, I wonder why…

16 Of The Most Obvious Liars On The Internet 1

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2. Of course, it’s accidental

16 Of The Most Obvious Liars On The Internet 2

Source: reddit | return_0_

3. Sleepyhead


Source:reddit | onebigdadjoke

4. Well if the surgery makes my eyes look like that, I’ll have a bad accident too!



5. Highly intelligent baby

5. The genius baby


6. Nah, it hasn’t

6. Nah. It hasn't


7. What highway?


Source: reddit | thatmffm

8. Shadows are smart

8. Damn that disloyal shadow!

Source: reddit | Un-trollable

9. The classic overly religious person


Source: reddit | Zook

10. That’s not how it works, dude

10. He definitely got detained

Source: reddit | lieutenantgumbo

11. Scared, or just advertising?

11. Called out

Source: reddit | Ujujgamer

12. I’m more concerned about the fact that there’s absolutely no visible change whatsoever…

12. Definitely suspicious...


13. Dating, huh?


Source: reddit | VietXtract

14. Geography…

14. Seems legit

Source:reddit | Verazan

15. Do you even lift, bro?



16. You know nothing, Jon Snow!


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