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16 Male Fashion Trends That Women Actually Despise


Male fashion is not all about polo shirts and fancy suits anymore. Nowadays, men are even trying to wear see-through lace shorts! Well, someone invented them, but they didn’t become a thing, sadly. Our sense of fashion is a very personal thing. It happens more often than not, however, to make a terrible choice in the eyes of others. Women and men do this all the time, but women have a tendency to notice male fashion and criticise it on a daily basis. Some of the things men do for the sake of fashion are totally unacceptable for women. Here are 16 fashion trends that women actually despise.

1. Bushy beards

Some time in the 1940s-1950s, bushy beards were a thing. Along with top hats, they looked kind of cool. Nowadays, not so much. Let’s leave bushy beards in that faraway past.

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2. Skinny jeans

The extreme of jeans on a male does not look so well! At least for some women. They are indeed a bit tight.

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3. Ill-fitting suits

This issue is certain for men and women as well. They all need to learn how to buy the right suit for them. A suit that fits properly can make all the difference in how the shape, height, and weight of your body look, so choose more wisely from now on.

Source: AOS

4. Socks and sandals

Unforgivable. Shame.

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5. Vests

Back in the 90s, the vest was a part or a three-piece suit. Nowadays, we have this.

Source: Picshouse2

6. Popped shirt collars

Unless you’re Sherlock Holmes, keep your shirt collars unpopped. Somehow, some women find it not right!

Source: thefashiontag

7. Wallet chains

There is probably no functional or practical reason for wallet chains to exist. Some men find them fashionable, but most women detest them.

Source: thegreatfroglondon

8. Fleece

Fleece is actually comfortable and a great fabric for the winter, but it does not look perfect, to say the least.

Source: schoffel

9. Super deep v-neck shirt

It’s great to be proud of your body and everything, but your muscles don’t look perfect in this type of shirt. These are so ill-fitting!

Source: bangandstrike

10. Long shirts

Oversized T-shirts are somehow okay, but men sometimes don’t know how to style them, according to women.

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11. Cowboy hats

Unless you’re a vaquero, a cowboy on your way to a rodeo, there is no reason for you to wear a cowboy hat. It’s not for this era!

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12. Tank tops

When a tank top is too tight or weirdly-fitting, you should probably stay away from it.

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13. Uggs

These shoes look like house slippers and many use them as such! Keep them inside, please!

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14. Accessory overload

Just because you own every kind of accessory available, it doesn’t mean you should wear them all at the same time. Don’t you overdo it.

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15. Flip flops

It is totally weird walking around and exposing your entire foot to the dirty ground.

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16. Leather pants

Unless you’re Lenny Kravitz, you should probably stay away from this item of clothing. Especially diring the summer.

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