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16 Objects Perfectly Disguised Into Their Backgrounds


Isn’t it cool when animals match their background in beautiful camouflage? Well, sometimes, objects do that too! And, of course, it’s not intentional, but probably a hilarious coincidence. Whenever something like this happens, it looks like a miracle to us. Here are some objects that are perfectly disguised into their backgrounds.

Diply’s collection offers you a good laugh below.

1. Putting this wedge of cheese on the counter will make it disappear.

Now bring back my cheese!

Reddit | Jester6641

2. Don’t get this case if you are constantly losing your phone.

But it’s really beautiful! Wait, where did my phone go?

Imgur | iwatts1

3. Who wore it better, the body scrub or the shower tiles?

Where did my body scrub go? (sobbing)

Reddit | Punting_Daisies

4. An iPad cover that matches these bus seats

Reddit | daneelr_olivaw

5.  Favorite notebooks found themselves on the floor and you can’t find them

If it weren’t for the barcode on the back, these class notes might as well be lost forever.

Reddit | thepetchicken

6. These are a dangerous combination.

Thank god for the handles!

Imgur | WaddupMyGlipGlops

7. When your leggings match the carpet perfectly

Imgur | UntoldDimension

8. This fluffy, white dog on the fluffy, white carpet.

Both must be a nightmare to keep clean!

Reddit | MrSpecks

9. Somebody wore the right pants to the roller rink.

They look like they have no legs…

Reddit | my-silph-road-acct

10. Another dangerous match…

There is one more step!

Reddit | shortround10

11. Who knew nail polish and gum could have the same finish?

Although it’s not my favorite color…

Reddit | mobprincess

12. Don’t you think these socks and this bedspread are soulmates?

Reddit | jodios

13. Dandelion shoes and a section of tactile pavement for the visually impaired make for a perfect combination.

Reddit | OJRacer

14. Not a good surface to put your chocolate chip cookies on.

It’s so sad that you don’t know where your cookies are now!

Reddit | Zekeroonie

15. Where is the key?

Reddit | duckvimes_

16. Polka-dot sandals on a hole-filled shoe rack


Reddit | doorbellguy

Here are some women who were secretly disguised as men in the past, to keep the undercover theme going.

Source: diply

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